Celebrity Big Brother 2010: Day 10 highlights!

It is day two of the task. Stephanie and Ivana are the carers. The rest of the housemates are residents in a fictional residential care home.

As part of their role as carers, Stephanie and Ivana must prepare all the residents’ food from a set menu. As part of the task housemates must consume their food liquidised. Today’s breakfast consists of liquidised traditional English breakfast.

The residents complain about having to eat their breakfast.

In the bedroom Heidi is talking about Katia, “she’s not a likeable character. She never talks…. Giggles like an idiot with Sov.” “Sov is always complaining and whining”.

In the Diary Room Vinnie tells Big Brother that he feels there is a ‘dark cloud’ over the house which has been brought on by the task and hopes that the housemates pass the task in order to help lift the mood. “it’s a bit depressing”. “Jonas is irritating me.”

Some of the housemates are in the bedroom talking about Ivana. “clever woman” Dane says “I wouldn’t say she is rude to people” Nicola says “I thinks she is lovely”. Heidi explains to others how she perceives Ivana, “She is the social, social, social highest class. She like lives up there with the old money like Pilsbury Dough and sh*t” Heidi leaves the room.

Nicola of Heidi “Heidi is probably the most interesting person I’ve think I’ve ever met in my life”.
Nicola is talking about Heidi’s career. Stephanie chips in.. “highest I’ve ever been offered for a night is 40 grand, uk.” Stephen misunderstanding her “40 pound?” she reiterates “40 thousand.”
Nicola “for Sex??” Dane’s laughing teases Stephanie with “40 quid and you didn’t take it?” Dane adds “you could have gone out and got yourself a steak dinner.”

Today all the residents must complete a themed assault course in under 30 minutes.

Stephen is the first housemate to attempt the course and he begins by being taken up the stair lift. The rest of the ‘Residents’ all take part in the task.

In the Kitchen Ivana tells Stephanie she thinks that ‘Vince doesn’t like me very much’. Stephanie then goes to see the Residents in the Lounge explaining that ‘my co-cook was enthusiastic about the liquid nature of the cheese’, to which Vinnie looks at the liquid cheese and questions ‘why do that? She’s nuts’ and encourages Stephanie to take over.

In the Lounge Sov says ‘I wonder how many people agree with prostitution?’ Stephanie says that she believes in legalised prostitution, but does not see it as a ‘recommended profession’

In the bedroom Jonas is saying how unlike some men he would respect and keep away from a girl if she said she had a boyfriend.. while another guy might not.. Vinnie and Alex are laughing “but you did it just today.” Jonas tries to defend himself. Vinnie laughs and “you’ve done it on live TV.” Alex “you are that guy!” Jonas argues “in here it’s a different thing.”

The boys are then debating whether Katia might come back around for Jonas. Nicola interrupts she thinks Katia is changing her mind a little bit again towards Jonas.

In the bedroom Katia is sitting on a bed. Alex tells her there is a way she could save herself from being evicted by the public vote. The other boys laugh at the conversation. Katia looks a bit confused what he is saying. Alex insinuates about her getting back with Jonas “one of the other parties is willing to accommodate you” Alex reckons “you could be the new Katie and Peter.”
Katia is upset. Jonas says “You are only in here because of a public relationship” Katia leaves the bedroom upset.

In the garden a crying Katia is being cheered up by Sov who confesses she’s taken a cans of beans to hide. She explains that she doesn’t want to eat them she’s just enjoying hiding them. “I’m trying to decide where to hide these beans.” She stashes them in the snug behind one of the birthday pictures.

The housemates talk about their odds on winning the show, with Vinnie proclaiming he was the 5-2 favourite and that Stephen is the 2nd favourite. Heidi says that Stephen should be a long shot, but Dane points out Stephen has been getting a lot of camera time, to which Vinnie jokes that ‘Alex has nicked all that’.
Jonas comes into the Kitchen and apologises to Katia for making her cry, Katia accepts his apology saying ‘you don’t know anything about me, you don’t know the things to say’.

Alex and Vinnie are in the snug and delighted to have just found the beans. They decide to publicly out the thief with a trick.
Vinnie calls all the housemates into the bedroom. They’ve found the beans and the Tree of Temptation spoke to them he wants them to find the thief otherwise they will all be punished.
Sov puts her foot in it.. “We’ve got to own up now?” and Sov admits she was the thief. ‘I did it, I was bored’

Vinnie and Alex are delighted their ruse worked like a dream whilst Heidi is angry with Sov “she’s a really dumb b*tch.” Vinnie comments “very slippery”.

Big Brother explains to the housemates they have to complete a crossword as part of the task. The answers to the crossword are all things which the housemates have said about one another.

The crossword begins. Stephanie reads the clues and Ivana writes up the answers. While the rest of the housemates try to work out who said what. Eg Stephanie “One across Ivana and Stephanie are a couple of …..… ?” – “whores?”

Sov is grumpy one of the housemates has made a comment about her hair and Dane is surprised this has upset her.

Stephanie reads “five across, one housemate referred to Stephen as a … ” the group offer suggestions “Dork, no? Dick?” Heidi asks those gathered “what else have we called Stephen?”

Soon the crossword is almost complete but when the housemates change the word ‘whores for fools’ to describe Ivana and Stephanie. In the kitchen Ivana says “I’d rather whore because I’m not a fool.”

In the Bedroom Vinnie tells Heidi and Dane ‘we have got to get humour back in this house’. Heidi comments ‘Sov is acting like an idiot… everything is poor me’ to which Dane adds ‘it is like 15 year old sh*t’.

In the Kitchen Stephanie is rubbing Ivana’s back as she is bent over the kitchen counter. In the Lounge Sov and Dane have a high five and Sov concedes ‘it is funny me getting angry dressed as a granny.’

Back in the Bedroom Vinnie says some of the housemates are now “showing their true colours”.

Big Brother announces to all the Housemates the task is now over and reveals that the Carers passed their part of the challenge but Residents failed the Countdown and Crossword tasks and as a result the group has failed overall.

Katia and Jonas are sat on Jonas’ bed. Katia asks Jonas if they were on a desert island and he had to choose one person to visit him, who would he choose? Jonas replies ‘you’. Meanwhile Katia gently rubs Jonas’ foot and Jonas says that he wants to keep Katia’s bus pass from the task as ‘a memory’.

In the bedroom Dane asks Nicola to come inside the mosquito net so they can chat and in reference to Jonas and Katia, asks ‘is that all back on? It is a bit bizarre, he will look stupid’.

Unbeknown to Dane, Katia is still in the Bedroom and asks ‘what are you talking about? Don’t talk as if we are not here’. Katia then exits the room and Heidi remarks ‘Dane got told off’ and asks ‘you thought she was gone?’

At the smoking area Katia reports what Dane just said to Jonas and Sov and tells them that is ‘so rude’ and ‘so pathetic.’

Back in the Bedroom Ivana asks the housemates what Katia is known for. Heidi informs her ‘she dated a Rolling Stone’ to which Ivana questions ‘does that make her a celebrity?’

Lisa McGarry

Lisa has been watching reality TV for too long now. She won't do any housework unless 'Big Brother' announces it over the tannoy and everything she does has to be put to a public vote!