Celebrity Big Brother 2010: Day 11 highlights!

6.58 Stephanie and Vinnie are in the lounge they are up before the other housemates.
And talking about them. They begin by saying it will be better for Sov to go at the eviction as she is ‘not mature enough’. Stephanie describes Katia “Our little Russian is just a user” and of Jonas a “Mummies boy”. Stephanie summarises “Frankly I wanna get rid of Sov and the farting element. The farting classes.”

9.36am Sov explains to Big Brother in the Diary Room she is close to Kat, Sisqo and Jonas but everyone else in the house are merely acquaintances, although she goes on to mention that she would like to bond with Vinnie more.
Sov is asked what she thinks the older housemates think about her.. “They think I’m rude, snappy. Probably a bit bratty – ooh that rhymed.”

In the bedroom Heidi is quizzing Alex about his relationship on the outside with Katie Price/Jordan. And how he would feel if she was with ‘another dude’ whilst he’s been in the house.
Heidi doesn’t understand why a guy like Alex would want to limit himself to one girl in just 6 months, however Alex says to Heidi that he has found someone who ‘accepts him’ and says he ‘would die for her’, Heidi is shocked and says ‘you feel that way after 6 months? Wow’ Heidi “you like her a lot?” Alex “course I do”. Heidi says but “She bounces from dude to dude to dude” Alex “I would die for her” and ‘put his life down for her’. Heidi “In America Jordan is a boys name” …and explains “I was like who’s this Jordan dude.”

Jonas and Kat are at the smoking area, Jonas apologises to Kat for being different recently saying ‘yesterday I lost my mind’, she forgives him by saying ‘its good to have you back’ they joke around at the smoking area for a while together
Nicola and Stephanie are in the bedroom, they are talking about eviction and say it would be a shock if Heidi goes, they contemplate if the public understand her like they do, they say they have a lot of respect for someone who ‘gave up her life and lifestyle for her birds’, Stephanie jokes “I’m leaving when Heidi leaves.” She thinks Heidi’s birds “have saved her.”

In the Kitchen Vinnie is giving Sov advice “Don’t take it personally…. Take time out sometimes.” Be Cool, that’s what your fans wanna see” “you’ve done yourself no favours in the last couple of days.”

Vinnie is in the garden training Alex. Heidi and the others are watching through the window.
Heidi comments on Vinnie “He’s so hot”. “He’s done all MAN stuff.” “Vinnie is awesome – he’s so cool.”

1.43am Katia and Jonas are sitting together on his bed.
Alex is in the lounge and the others are quizzing him about past press he has done. He says he did an article in OK magazine saying he was gay.. but explains as in ‘Happy’. Alex clarifies “I did actually say I’m not homosexual.”
Vinnie and Stephen try to understand the real Alex Reid. Stephen advises Alex “Don’t say stupid stuff.”… “you are giving them ammunition.” Stephen warns him that things are being turned around so “you become the laugh’. Heidi chips in “Alex it does seem like you enjoy your gay headlines and cross-dressing headlines. It does, from a laymans perspective.”
Stephen warns Alex “You are hurting yourself”
While Vinnie says “I think you are playing up to it.” – “you’ve created a character that isn’t you.” “No one is going to want to be in movie with you. If you offered me $5million to be in a movie with you I would say no, I can’t be involved.” – “people will move away from you.”
Vinnie “Are you worried that if you don’t say you’re a cross-dresser and a gay, then you won’t be on the front page.” Alex denies this.
Stephen tells Alex “you are a fricking tossed salad” “you need to decide what you want to be.”

Dane comes to the Diary Room and explains to Big Brother he has not had the best day, he thinks that within the house he is so far ‘flying under the radar’ of things. He begins to talk about Vinnie saying he is the captain of the house and “a leader of men”, and upon being asked by Big Brother if he would like to be the captain he says no, but says he wants “to be involved in the decision making” of the house.

Nicola goes over to the Snug to talk to Vinnie and Stephanie about the food situation; she points out there is loads of food in the fridge and it only has to last till Sunday. Vinnie gets annoyed – everyone asked him to do the rationing but keeps giving away food, he announces he is resigning from all kitchen duties and says that Dane and Nicola now have to take over the washing up, the Dinners and the rationing. Nicola is shocked and walks away to tell Dane
Stephanie and Vinnie are appalled Sov has opened a can of corned beef. Stephanie shouts from the snug “You can’t touch the corned beef, it’s for everyone.”
Vinnie is cross “Tell them to F’in do it then.” He says of Sov “It’s all about her.”

In the snug Stephanie is chortling “this is the best holiday I’ve had in years.”

Vinnie is talking to Alex in the bedroom about Sov he tells him he is not doing the washing up anymore and he is going to let everyone else get on with it he says ‘on Saturday when there is no dinner we will know, Sov doesn’t care’ Stephanie echoes his concerns again saying ‘she is just not a team player’

Alex comes to the Diary room to say he is disappointed with Sov, not a ‘team effort’ he goes on to say that others are not as tolerant as he is after forgiving her. Alex says he is enjoying his time in the house and he is using his time to reflect upon ‘what Alex Reid is all about’ “Been doing a lot of thinking today” “I’m doing a lot of reflecting.”

Stephanie and Ivana are in the snug, they are talking and laughing about the tasks.

In the lounge some of the housemates are throwing a homemade ball. Every time they throw they shout out a letter to spell out a word. L. E. S Stephen throws the ball S. Moments later Stephen “hey we spelt lesson.” Nicola “we were trying to spell Lesbian.” Stephen just shakes his head.

Back in the bedroom Alex is talking to Vinnie about Jordan he tells Vinnie that he wants kids because he sees it as his ‘next big adventure’ but when Vinnie enquires if he is trying now he is met by an awkward silence from Alex. Vinnie “you know I am working for The Sun… ha ha ha.. give me a scoop for when I get out.”

Alex goes on to explain his situation in the jungle when he went to meet Jordan,
Vinnie is confused – “what when you went to propose?” Alex asks “what was that was all about?”… “that is such a load of bull sh*t”. Vinne says ” I read it on the internet”.
Dane asks “did you actually split up?” they laugh -Vinnie says “she binned you on national TV live”,.
Alex explains she sent him texts “saying don’t come and see me and everything” and explains how he hadn’t seen the front pages of the Sunday papers reporting he was going to propose.
Dane is confused and asks “what’s the deal now then? Are you together now or not?”

Big Brother has set Vinnie a task. The rest of the housemates are gathered in the lounge.
Nicola says to the rest of the housemates “Quick Vinnie’s on the telly” Vinnie appears on the plasma screen in the sitting room. He is being questioned by Big Brother like Mastermind, his specialist subject will be the Big Brother Welcome Pack.

Vinnie has the chance to win luxury items for his fellow housemates if he answers the questions correctly. The questions range from ‘how many levels does the toaster have’ to ‘what under no circumstances must housemates break’. During the task he wins a framed photo of Jonas for Katia, a framed photo of Sisqo, some purple hair dye for Sov. Vinnie comes back to the housemates to a round of applause.

The prizes Vinnie has won are delivered to the house.
Stephen and Alex are in the snug talking about religion. Alex tells Stephen “I’m willing to believe.”

Stephen tells Alex “God has a plan for you brother… he wants to reveal it to you. – to show it to you.”
He takes Alex ‘s hand and asks him to repeat after him the prayer of salvation “Father Lord, Tonight with my friend Stephen, I’m asking you to come into my life….. ”

Dane and Stephanie are in the lounge talking about cosmetic surgery and lips.
Stephanie whispers “Ivana’s are a tiny bit big.”

Nicola is in the Diary Room talking to Big Brother she explains she and Dane are now in charge of the cooking. She is worried it could be embarrassing if they run out of food. As that would mean
“Vinnie would have won the Kitchen war.”

Lisa McGarry

Lisa has been watching reality TV for too long now. She won't do any housework unless 'Big Brother' announces it over the tannoy and everything she does has to be put to a public vote!