Celebrity Big Brother 2010: Day 14 highlights

Vinnie and Dane are talking about Sov. Vinnie “I think Sov’s a bit scared now.”

9.11 am
Vinnie and Dane are talking about when Dane went out with Katie Price.
Dane explains she was wasn’t as famous back then she was a model and people knew who she was. Vinnie says of Katie how she looks pretty but ruins it when “until she opens her mouth”. Dane agrees “she’d come out with some stupid sh*t.” Vinnie reckons Nicky does too “she’s a 28 year old mother”. They can’t believe she’s got two houses.

Then they talk about Alex and what will happen with Katie when he leaves the house. They both doubt it will last. Now he thinks he is so famous “he’s gonna get absolutely chewed up.” Vinnie says he feels sorry for him and calls him a ‘lovable prat’. Dane says “she didn’t want him coming on here.” Alex enters the lounge “speak of the devil”.,

Vinnie tells Alex to put his shorts on. You look “a bit G.A.Y”

Sov is in the Diary Room talking to Big Brother “I feel really really good” – “I dodged two bullets” she talks about the evictions and confesses “I got a bit excited” but “I guess the people like me”

10.45am In the lounge Alex is struggling to lift his weights. Ivana rolls about on her gym ball.
Sov goes into the kitchen asks Vinnie for a cooked breakfast with an egg – he doesn’t rise to it.. Dane says “she should be embarrassed to ask for an egg”. Sov is not and when the breakfast is brought to her can’t help boasting and gloating about it to the the housemates who all comment on her behaviour.

Stephanie is doing press ups in the lounge. The housemates talk about the evictions.

In the snug Sov and Nicola talk about relationships. Sov “I haven’t had a boyfriend for ages” she says “I find guys good looking and stuff” Nicola “But you’re more attracted to girls?” Sov “I guess so”. Sov talks about surviving the eviction “I bet my mum was happy last night”.

12.07 Big Brother calls the housemates to the Diary Room. (they are called in order of shoe size). Nicola nominates Stephen first “he’s strange towards me” and Sov “because she is not a team player.
Sov nominates Ivana as “she treats me like a kid.” And Stephanie as she ignores her. “I’m a bit tired of Stephanie”.
Stephanie nominates Sov “because she’s not a team player.” And “selfish and immature” “she represents a dissident element”. She nominates Jonas as “he represents crudity of expression, which I don’t enjoy”. “the talk about farting and shitting all the time. I don’t find it amusing”.

Sisqo nominates Ivana as she “shows favouritism towards Alex – maybe she’s got the hots for him” and Nicola “a little preoccupied with her life outside of the house.” He then starts singing about Simon who Nicola mentions frequently.

Ivana nominates Jonas who she calles “Johan” and is particularly outspoken about Jonas’ nude stunt a few days ago and says that the housemates are not taking part in a porno movie. And she nominates Nicola “sugar sweet” but “has an agenda” and she wasn’t happy about her conduct with the teabag shortage.

Alex nominates Sov for not being a team player and just trying to “appeal to her market” And Sisqo as he thinks “he’s a threat and he’s beating me” and he doesn’t “want an American winning”.

Dane nominates Sov as “she’s more and more unaware of anyone around her”. And Ivana as she is a “worrier”.

2.23pm Ivana is talking about her ex husband Donald Trump and agrees he is driven by Power when Stephanie asks her “What is his drive money or power?” They then chat about shopping by ordering from catalogues Ivana “I love it’

Jonas nominates Sisqo as “he’s a show off dude” and Sov as she’s irritating and “she’s smoking all my cigarettes.”

Vinnie nominates Alex as “things are getting tight and he’s got an appetite for three people.” And Nicky because she travels around from group to group and he isn’t sure of her motives I’m “not sure if she’s a stirrer on purpose.”

Stephen nominates Nicola as she’s more concerned for herself and Dane as he too looks out for himself.

Sov received 5 nominates and Nicola four. Vinnie is the only housemate not to have received a nomination yet.

Part 3
Stephanie talks about how Jonas is since Katia left “he’s really, really sad”. It is “sweet and dear to see” it and she is”glad he’s actually feeling it”, although she is not glad he is upset.

In the Lounge Alex and Sisqo are talking about hieroglyphics. Alex then starts talking to Stephen about religion. Stephen comments that ‘when you know the supernatural is possible, everything is possible’ and that ‘if it’s not in the Bible, it’s not of the Bible’. Alex argues that he has a problem with that and questions ‘how can you prove God?’
Stephen replies with an analogy about Alex’s relationship with Katie Price. He says you have to believe and trust that your partner will stay with you if you marry them, but this cannot be proved when you get married as you ‘don’t know the outcome’. Similarly in the case of God, he argues that God ‘wants you to believe without it being proven’. He says that the fact that he has been married for 24 years is very rare in Hollywood.

The housemates are just finishing a Chinese take-away dinner, and are given ‘misfortune cookies’. When opened, some reveal a phrase or saying, but when Sov and Nicola open theirs, the cookies reveal that they face eviction.
Sov “It’s gonna be cock fest in here”
Nicola of why she thinks she was nominated “I probably talk about home too much.”

7.43 pm
Sov is smoking outside as Vinnie and the others discuss Nicola’s chances of surviving. As Sov has fans –
Vinnie “All of them white van drivers, you’d better hope they get on the phone.”

Part 4
Jonas is the only smoker in the house with cigarettes left so he decides to ration the number he gives to Sov and Sisqo. The other housemates is surprised he’s supplying all their cigarettes. He will give Sisqo and Sov 3 a day each from now on. Vinnie questions why he is giving them any at all, saying ‘why make yourself go short? Do you think she’d do the same?
She is one of the most selfish birds I’ve ever met in my life’. Jonas replies that ‘a smoker understands a smoker’ and that is why he is giving her cigarettes, as she has run out.
In the Garden Sov is pulling faces at the camera, whilst Stephen laughs saying ‘oh to be 24 again!’ Jonas enters the Garden and explains the new ration rules to Sov. She pulls a face and says ‘I don’t disagree, I’m just perplexed’.

In the Lounge Vinnie tells Jonas ‘she’ll come to you for more – she doesn’t know what “no” means’.

Steph wonders how one can deal with someone like that.. do you just ignore them or ‘shake them by the scruff of the neck” Vinnie “were not allowed to in here.”

Jonas is sniffing Katia’s pillow.
In the smug Dane and Nicola are talking about Sov and her sexuality.
Vinnie says she ‘thinks she’s invincible’. Dane agrees, saying that ‘she’s a little weasel’, but that she might not have a fan base of gay women as the Housemates imagine she would. Dane “she says she’s bi-sexual and lesbians hate that.”

Lounge.. Alex and Sisqo joke about Alex going out with Ivana and how much money he could make.

Jonas is in bed and Sov crawls up his bed pleading for a cigarette. Sov reacts with surprise when he insists they are meant to be rationed. She pleads and pleads until Jonas gives her one. Sov ‘you don’t ask, you don’t get’.
It makes the other housemates cross to see him give in.

She leaves and then Sisqo promptly arrives to plead for a cigarette too.
Again Jonas relents and gives him one. Alex “tells him ‘you’re too nice’.

The situation prompts the other housemates to comment on Sov’s selfishness and rudeness while Stephanie tells Jonas “she’s just enjoying the fact you’re a sucker.”
Jonas is shocked Stephanie has called him that but she holds her ground. “she doesn’t respect you.” ‘honeypie, wake up’. Vinnie points out that she didn’t even say thank you.

Jonas hopes he can get the rationing working tomorrow.

But the housemates say with Sov the cigarette rationing wont work. 3 each for Sov and Sisqo per day.

Outside Sov and Sisqo are smoking Sisqo thinks with just 3 a day he should just quit.
Sov says “if you quit I will love you forever as I’ll get 6 cigarettes a day instead of 3′!”

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