Celebrity Big Brother 2010: Day 16 highights


Most of the housemates are in the bedroom sleeping. Big Brother plays a recording of Stephanie’s snoring to wake the housemates. “I am so out of here”, an embarrassed Stephanie says. “I think you’re all divine to put up with me for this long”.


Alex, Jonas and Nicola are discussing Stephen’s bible classes. “There are interesting stories but do you believe that they are true?” Nicola asks Alex.

“I think they’re factual. I think they’re based on fact”, says Alex.

The rest of the housemates are in the living room watching birds feed from food Vinnie laid in the garden for them earlier. “There’s a blue one on my nuts”, shouts Vinnie noticing a Blue Tit is taking the food.


Some of the housemates are discussing Celebrity Big Brother and why they did it. “To get awareness of Help for Heroes is one reason”, says Vinnie. “There’s a few people out there that have said things about me, this, that and the other which people can only believe because they haven’t had three weeks to scrutinise me. Now, make your own decision. I’m not acting, this is me”.

Sisqo is in the Diary Room discussing Alex. “I’m tired of seeing him getting his ass kissed by the rest of the house”, he says before doing impressions of other housemates and how they react around Alex. “You’ve got Jonas massaging his feet, Stephen massaging his shoulders. I don’t know how much more I can take”.


Stephen, Ivana and Alex are in the snug talking about Alex’s girlfriend Katie Price. “You think she’s watching?” asks Stephen. Alex says Katie wasn’t going to and was going to go on holiday but changed her mind at the last minute.

Stephen asks if Katie writes books. “Yes, autobiographies. She’s on about her 35th. They’re all best sellers, ” says Alex before explaining that she is a “Phenonomer” and that she’s also had a pop career and tried acting. “She just went up for Sex and the City 2. She’s not focused on it and it’s not really what her hearts on though. I think she could be quite a good actress”. Stephen remarks she should do her own Sex and the City version for the UK.


Dane and Nicola are in the bedroom discussing what they should do when leaving the house. “Pantomime you should definitely look into”, says Dane. Nicola says she wants to have a column, “I’d love to take Nikki Graeme’s column”, she says adding “I’ve got another work out DVD in the bag”.

Stephen and Jonas are at the smoking area. Stephen asks him if he’s always “strange”.

“You’re one of the strangest people I know”, says Stephen. Stephen then questions Jonas on him walking around the house in nothing but his underwear. Jonas explains that he was also wearing a tank top. “There were a few minutes when you were only wearing your underwear”, says Stephen. Jonas checks with Sov what he was wearing who confirms he was wearing a tank top.

“I guess I’m a product of my environment. In America…”, Stephen says before Jonas interrupts him with, “This is Europe baby. This is the UK!”.

“I think Europe could do with a bit of the Lord Jesus if you ask me”, says Stephen.


This week’s task is set to test the housemate’s creative skills. Two housemates must be models and the rest must draw them in a life drawing class.

Ivana and Nicola are called to the Diary Room to collect their underwear. Ivana isn’t especially delighted with the outfit “This is going to fall off”, she says looking at the bra. Big Brother asks them what prize they’d want for taking part. Nicola would like a photo of her fiancée and daughter and Ivana would like 10 steaks.


Nicola and Ivana are in their underwear posing as the rest of the housemates draw them. Sov and Stephen have finished theirs in less than four minutes.


All the housemates are called to the bedroom. “I hope you get punished for that”, Vinnie says to Stephen explaining that he should have put more effort into it. “I don’t draw”, says Stephen. “It’s not like you Steve. I don’t know what’s got into you”, says Vinnie.

Stephen replies “I’d rather complete the task by law than take the time to do something that isn’t achievable. I’d rather someone respect the fact that I’m honest when I say I can’t draw.”

Vinnie tells him he should think about the effort.


All the housemates are in the living room when Big Brother turns on the crowd noises. The housemates get excited and think someone could be entering the house.


Sov has just been evicted from the house. As she leaves she takes the mystery key that Sisqo was awarded with yesterday.


All the housemates have been asked to line up alphabetically next to the Diary Room. Each housemate will only be given 30 seconds in the Diary Room to nominate.


Ivana, Stephen and Sisqo have the most nominations and will all be up for Friday’s eviction.


The housemates are in the living room discussing Sov. “She tried to take us all on”, says Vinnie. Dane says he was nice to her today and that no one was rude to her. “We’re not rude people”.

“She played her game and when it came to dinner she’d play the sulky game”, says Vinnie.

Stephen asks the group if a niece or nephew was acting in the same way as Sov would they handle the situation the same way as they did with her. All in the group says yes apart from Nicola.

“She made her decision. We responded accordingly. If someone was that rude you’d say the same”, says Stephanie.

Vinnie asks Stephen the same question.

“Who I am is the type of person who has learned through great trials and tribulations that compassion and love and really trying to help someone…”, says Stephen. Vinnie says he did try to help her.

“Don’t get defensive”, Stephen tells Vinnie who denies he is. “Can I finish?” Stephen continues.

“Course you can finish. I don’t want to listen to it. You speak in riddles sometimes Steve” says Vinnie.

“It’s very simple brother. Do unto others as you’d have done unto to you”, says Stephen explaining that he thinks there was an opportunity to help Sov. All the housemates think this isn’t true and that they did try to help her.

Stephen comes to the Diary Room saying “Most of the hearts of mankind are wicked. That’s just disappointing”, he continues. “It seems, here in the house of Hell everyone is looking out for themselves, no matter what”. Stephen continues that he isn’t afraid to stand up and be himself whereas everyone else is.

The rest of the housemates are in the living room discussing Stephen. “I couldn’t listen to that rubbish”, says Vinnie of their previous conversation. The other housemates agree. “He has been playing all the camps”, says Stephanie. Nicola says she thinks he’s sly.

Back in the Dairy Room Stephen is expressing his shock at how quickly Sisqo has switched allegiances now Sov left the house.


Stephen is reading the bible with Alex. Big Brother announces that Nicola and Ivana can collect their prizes for taking part in the task. Nicola receives a photo of her fiancée and daughter and Ivana gets 10 steaks. For drawing the best picture Dane gets a cocktail.


Stephen is in the Dairy Room reading from the Bible to Big Brother. He comes out of the Diary and sings a song to Dane. “I think it’s funny, that the jokes on you. Ha ha ha. He he he”.


Nicola is in the Diary Room explaining how happy she is that she’s stayed. “To be kept in by the public is just wicked. It’s so good. I beat Lady Sovereign”. On her fellow housemates she says that she loves everyone apart from Stephen and that now they can have lots of fun.


Ivana 5
Stephen 4
Sisqo 3
Dane 2
Alex 2
Jonas 1
Nicola 1
Stephanie 0
Vinnie 0

On tonight’s Celebrity Big Brother Little Brother George Lamb will be chatting to presenter Tim Lovejoy and latest evictee Lady Sovereign.

Lisa McGarry

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