Celebrity Big Brother 2010: Day 17 highlights!

Vinnie is the first to discover all is not what it should be when he realises the sugar has been swapped for salt when he makes his morning cup of coffee.

Vinnie tells other housemates who have now woken what has happened. Stephen thinks it’s not salt. And tries to smell it. Ivana explains salt doesn’t smell he will have to taste it.

Stephen then walks into the bedroom and tells Stephanie ‘we have a scandal’ and explains the salt mystery. Stephanie instantly says ‘that’s them’ she and Ivana realise the hair appliances aren’t working and Nicola comments that the bedroom is roasting. Stephanie realises what’s going on and remarks ‘so we’ve started having games played, is that it?’

In the kitchen Dane runs the water and tells everybody that there’s no hot water. Jonas says ‘alright Big Brother you’re tripping me out now!’ Stephanie wonders what will happen next.

Stephen comes to the Diary Room and asks Big Brother ‘it seems the hot water isn’t functioning?’ Big Brother tells him there will be no hot water until further notice.
He then walks to the kitchen and reports back to the HM’s. Stephanie tells other Hm’s ‘this is a game now’. Sisqo comes to the realisation that it could be because the key left the house and wonders “are we being punished for the key?” But Stephen doesn’t mind and seems to enjoys the “persecution” because it makes him “feel like Jesus”

9.31am Vinnie, Stephen, Alex and Dane are in the kitchen. Stephen is stirring (the porridge) and tells Vinnie Alex was bad mouthing him. Vinnie is interested to hear what was said.

Vinnie remarks ‘oh tactics eh rocky?’ Alex says Stephen is trying to twist things.
Vinnie replies ‘a few tactics are coming into play. There will be one winner in this house’

Stephen then jokily says to Vinnie that he is stirring. Vinnie responds by telling Stephen ‘you’re the biggest stirrer in here. You’re in every camp.’

Stephen then jokes Vinnie is just angry because he was on the cover of sports illustrated squeezing a mans nuts. Vinnie says ‘what a weasel comment to make.’ Stephen then jokes that it’s a new day with a new strategy.

Part 2
10.52 Alex is exercising doing shuttle runs outside. Stephen “You are AWESOME”.
Inside the other housemates fall about laughing at Stephen’s tactics of flattering each housemate in order to try and avoid nomination.

Stephen comes into the snug to talk to Vinnie. He tells him “I’m a retired lady killer – now it’s all about the good Lord serving him, waiting for his return.”

Vinnie quizzes Stephen why he is smoking and surely it’s bad for him.. Vinnie asks him if smoking is against the teachings of the bible? Stephen says no. Vinnie asks if the devil might not be tempting Stephen with cigarettes. Stephen replies how he sees it as “everything in moderation.”.
Then accuses Vinnie of a more dangerous vice – white sugar is worse than cigarettes. There is “death in that white bowl.”

He says white sugar is more dangerous for the body than smoking because the body can’t process it. Vinnie is surprised and says he didn’t know that. He asks ‘what about honey?’ Stephen says that honey is great and not at all bad for you.

Alex walks into the bathroom for a shower. He gets in and we can hear the noises and screams as he has a freezing cold shower. Ivana hears him from the living room and remarks ‘Alex is freaking out in there’.

Big Brother has replaced all the sofas and armchairs in the Big Brother house with wooden benches. The snug sofas have gone and instead are two benches coated with honey.
They all enter and what has happened. Stephen screams ‘I love it. The harder it is, the more persecution, the more I feel like Jesus son!’

Stephen walks out to the snug. He stands on a bench and realises they are coated in honey. He returns to the house and tells his fellow housemates. Stephanie remarks ‘what a strange thing to do.’ Stephen looks right into the camera and screams ‘I guess that’s their way of being sweet! Hahahahaha!’

Dane is in the garden kicking a homemade football made out of an old towel around an inflated condom. He hears:
“Psst Dane, it’s me the tree.” – “Big Brother is p*ssed off you let the key slip through your fingers – a bit like your career Dane”.
As the tree gives Dane his task… the rest of the housemates are watching and start speculating if Dane is being given a task.

Dane is set a secret task by the Tree of Temptation to resume order to the House, Dane must sabotage the evening’s dinner by ruining it with chilli powder. If he does this successfully then their hot water/furniture will come back.
But Dane is aware he is being watched by his fellow housemates. Dane walks around garden waiting for his moment but the housemates are watching him so he postpones collecting the chilli powder from the tree truck until later.

Part 3
Dane takes the opportunity to go to the tree whilst the rest of the housemates sit around listening to a bible reading session. He successfully collects the chilli powder.
Stephen is reading but Stephanie tells him how he should be delivering his readings and says ‘he reads like he is preaching”. Stephen retorts “I am a preacher.”

In the kitchen, Vinnie is annoyed Dane is trying to get involved with the evening meal when it’s not his turn. Dane explains he’s making a peppercorn sauce with a bit of chilli in it.. Vinne ‘don’t just come in here cus you’re bored and grumpy when you said before you weren’t cooking.

In the lounge Stephanie takes the bible and says ‘I’ll start again. I can do better than that even without my glasses.’ She then starts reading.

Dane is making his sauce in the kitchen but Vinnie and the others tease him for it.

In the lounge Stephen comments ‘I can read in that sort of voice too.’ But Ivana shakes her head and says ‘no you just shout and scream.’

The housemates soon sit down to eat the meal and Dane is nervous how they will react.
He is a little surprised when they all tuck into the meal and love his sauce. Dane sits at the table looking nervous.

Stephen says “sauce, VERY good.”

Stephanie laughs about how well they are actually eating in the house “it’s an anti spa.”

In the snug Ivana tells Vinnie how she uses boiled water and a bucket in order to have hot showers by pouring it over herself. Vinnie jokingly asks if she’ll do that for him? She replies that she will if he wears his underwear but not if Alex asks her to do it because people are speculating about them – and that will never happen.
Vinnie bursts out laughing. Ivana says there’s no chance of that because her husband is hot.

Big Brother has taken all the cotton linen and replaced it with hessian, rough wool blankets and basic bed linen. Housemates are let into the bedroom to find that their bedding has been changed with little chocolate boxes left on their pillows. Ivana says ‘I don’t trust it yet’. However, choc horror awaits them as Stephen, Ivana and Sisqo discover that their boxes don’t contain chocolates but messages telling them they will face the public vote.
Vinnie looks at the blankets on the bed and say “they’re old horse blankets”.

Dane then uses this opportunity to walk into the garden whilst everyone is distracted. He walks to the tree and asks the tree to talk to him. The tree greets him he messed up the task because everyone enjoyed their food but as he did try, he can have one final opportunity to end his fellow housemates suffering.

He must wake in the middle of the night with a ‘scream like a girl’ as if waking from an awful nightmare. He must then receive a sympathetic hug from a housemate to pass the task.

Part 4
Vinnie claims now Sisqo has been nominated he might start acting differently
Vinnie says “you’ll see a different Sisqo now.”

Ivana chuckles about being up for eviction “Tomorrow I’m going to be dancing in Annabels with caviar.”

It’s not long before Sisqo enters the room and starts dancing around in the bedroom and Vinnie says “Sov’s back!”
Sisqo dances around the room “Gloves is off now”

Stephen is surprised who has been nominated “I’m in shock it’s only Americans.”
Stephen “After all America has done for England.”

Sisqo is in the Diary Room talking to Big Brother.
He says he’s very disappointed to be nominated but says it will be a battle and he will take on Vinnie a la David and Goliath because it’s “the BB House, not Vinnie Jones House”
“This is not his show.” “he’s my competition” “I wanna put the fear of the dragon into Vinnie Jones.”
He tells the public ‘if you want to watch the Vinnie Jones show then I’ll go but if you want to see some hot sauce then keep the dragon in.’ He thinks the reason he’s up for eviction is to do with pettiness and the fact he talked to Sov. Adding ‘You gonna see David meets Goliath if you keep me in’.

The temperature in the bedroom is 27 degrees.

Alex has gone to the Diary Room to complain to Big Brother about the heat.
“can you turn the heating down” Big Brother says no. Alex “can I ask why?”
Alex says ‘im unhappy. You might just get what you want, some good TV.’

All the housemates are asleep, Dane leaps out of bed with a screech, waking them. He runs out of the bedroom and stands by the doors to the garden. The other housemates rush out after him – to check he’s okay.
Dane goes to the kitchen followed by Nicola – she gives him a sympathetic hug.

He goes to the bathroom and does a private celebratory dance at passing the task!

Lisa McGarry

Lisa has been watching reality TV for too long now. She won't do any housework unless 'Big Brother' announces it over the tannoy and everything she does has to be put to a public vote!