Celebrity Big Brother 2010: Day 2 highlights!


Nicola and Stephanie are in the Snug discussing what Nicola wants to do with her life. “I think it’ll be really hard for to get into acting because I’ve been a page 3 model. I’m not anymore but I was for five years”, she says. Stephanie tells her she shouldn’t have to worry about being stuck with a page 3 title.


Some of the housemates are in the lounge. Alex talks about how much food he normally eats, Heidi says,” You definitely have a cute little body”. Alex goes on to talk about how the papers said he was offered money to come into the house dressed as his alter ego. “What alter ego?” Vinnie asks.

Stephen updates Vinnie on the tabloid reported Alex and Dane story as they both dated Jordan.
Vinnie asks Dane when he dated Jordan; he tells him it was before she married Peter Andre. “Before Peter”, says Vinnie. “I like Peter.” Alex tells Vinnie him that he gets on well with Peter; despite the fact the two haven’t met either


Some of the housemates are in the lounge. Sisqo is telling the others how he was with Biggie Smalls on the night he died. Stephanie tells the group that her dog has tattoos on his belly. “We think probably he was a gang bitch dog”.


Dane, Stephanie and Vinnie are in the bedroom. It is Vinnie’s birthday tomorrow and Dane thinks that Big Brother may give him something. “A red card straight from here would do me”, says Vinnie. Stephanie says she thinks she’ll stay the whole time.

Most of the housemates are in the living room. As part of his conditions to enter the house Stephen is allowed the use of a Bible for one hour per day. Stephen comes out of the Diary Room with his Bible and tells the housemates he never expected to be someone to read the Bible but now he does. He goes onto explain that something Jonas said to him about watching Avatar rang true to him with his experience of finding Christianity. “The thing that blew me away because it’s most relevant to my Christian walk he (Jonas) said, ‘in the first 50 minutes it takes a bit of getting used to and then after that it’s the greatest experience you can have’.” Stephanie gives Stephen a hug as the rest of the housemates clap.


Stephen goes to the Diary Room to give Big Brother his Bible back. He stands with the Bible in the air towards the camera before entering the room.

Most of the housemates are in the lounge. Alex is telling Nicola about his part in Hollyoaks. “I lied through my teeth to get that part”, he tells her as he was supposed to be able to play football. He also says that being in Hollyoaks was a curse as you’re never considered a serious actor after that. Alex asks Sisqo how he coped with the fame. “I never chased fame”, says Sisqo. “I didn’t”, says Alex, “it can creep up on you”.


The housemates are in the garden taking part in today’s shopping task. Stephanie, Vinnie and Sov must take it in turns to place a food item on their head whilst the rest of the housemates take turns firing paint balls at the food. Any food that gets hit can be kept by the housemates. Nicola aims her paintball at a bag of crisps above Vinnie’s head but hits him instead. “Straight in my nuts”, says Vinnie.


Heidi is in the Diary Room talking about her time so far in the house. She says everyone is nice but she is finding a lot of people annoying. “I could be wrong but I thing Stephen’s a bit of an idiot. I could be wrong. He’s a really nice guy”.


All the housemates are at the dinner table. Stephen says a prayer to everyone before they eat their food.


Katia, Jonas, and Sov are at the smoking area commenting on Alex taking his top off to clean up. “I don’t find it attractive”, says Katia. Sov says that next time she gets hot and is cleaning up she will take her top off too.

Sov asks the others if Stephen will be homophobic because he is a devout Christian. Katia points out that this is unlikely as he works in Hollywood.


Dane, Stephanie and Sov are in the snug. Dane is talking about how much his life has changed recently. He explains how he lost his confidence and stopped working. “Financially I was absolutely struggling for a bit”, he says. Stephanie reassures him by saying she has been famous three or four times in the past.


Vinnie is in the Diary Room. “I don’t fancy doing three weeks. I keep eyeing up those walls to see how high they are”.

While Vinnie is the Diary Room the rest of the housemates are making crafts and gifts for Vinnie as it is his birthday tomorrow. Housemates are told to hide the task from Vinnie once he returns.

Vinnie in the diary room talking about how he was expecting a different level of celebrity in the house, some have worked hard but others have fallen into fame without any skills. “Tabloid celebrities I think some of them are. I don’t really know any of them… and some are trying a bit hard in here”.


Stephanie talks about nominating and Nicola says that she can’t see any arguments happening. Heidi talks about the reality TV programmes she did in and says that arguments eventually break out as people want to give their opinions all the time. “There’s always one bully or one loud mouth”.

Alex, Vinnie, Dane and Stephen are in the bedroom. Alex talks about the film industry and Dane asks Vinnie whether he’s heard of a film called Condemned, Vinnie retorts “I was in it you nutter”. Stephen tells them that people often confuse him with his brothers. Alex asks Vinnie how he made the switch from sports man to movie star. Stephen and Vinnie then talk about films they’ve done and how much they got paid.


Sisqo is in the Diary Room talking about how everyone is getting on in the house and says that the smallest thing could happen to piss some one off. He talks about Sov and how he is intrigued by her. “There’s got to be a lot more there but I’ll get to the bottom of it.” He then pulls silly faces and does a rap about fire.

The rest of the Housemates are in the lounge. Jonas talks to Nicola about farting and says that, “if you’ve got a hairy bum its easier to be quiet”, when farting. He goes on to say because he waxes his bum its hard not to make a sound when he farts.


Vinnie, Stephen and Stephanie are the only Housemates awake. They talk about how they are all jetlagged but Heidi’s been asleep since she arrived. Stephen goes on to talk about Heidi’s past and how she could’ve been put away for a long time. “Her cliental was everyone including lawyers and judges”.

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