Celebrity Big Brother 2010: Day 5 highlights

In the lounge, Sisqo talks about his single sales. Stephen compliments him on his big hit Thong Song, exclaiming ‘that song was freaking huge!’

Nicola and Sov are in the Diary Room singing Puppy Love, and keen to report on Katia and Jonas’ romance. Sov has her own theory. Nicola really wants them to get it together whilst Sov explains she thinks “Jonas likes Kat more than Kat likes Jonas”.

In the Snug Stephanie and Vinnnie discuss goings on in the house. The first topic is Jonas and Katia and the possibility of an on screen relationship. Stephanie “they should be evicted and go off into the sunset together.” She then suggests she will be evicted for snoring. She monologues ‘People will ask “why were you evicted?” and I will say “for snoring” and they’ll say “not because you were a bitch?” “No. Just for snoring.” ‘

Big Brother has just called all of the male housemates to the Diary Room.
Once the boys have disappeared, the girls start to talk about Jonas. Heidi offers the wisdom to Katia ‘Of course he likes you. If he didn’t like you he’d be a f*cking weirdo’
Heidi jokes “I love being around young, good looking girls. All I do is fantasise how much money I could make.”

In the Diary Room, Big Brother explains that for a task the boys are to take part in a ‘Hunk Off’. The rounds will be evening wear, swim wear and talent and will be judged by the girls. One male housemate will not compete, instead taking the role of presenter. Vinnie asserts authoritatively, he will be the one to present.

The men receive swim wear costumes in the diary room – a selection of mankinis. ‘Jonas “‘it’s a mankini”. Dane “I don’t even know how this goes on.” – Alex “How the hell are we gonna fit all our bits in there?”
One by one, Big Brother asks each housemate to confirm he is happy with his mankini. Jonas and Alex agree and are released from the Diary Room. Sisqo reluctantly agrees. In the bedroom Sisqo “They’ve got me wearing this f*cking shit, When I go back to the hood they really gonna break my balls”… “This sh*t is crazy, I’m gonna have to shave”.
Big Brother then offers Dane and Stephen have an alternative of a two piece set, which causes jubilation in the diary room chair. Stephen realises “Sisqo’s going to be pissed”.

Vinnie wants to know about Alex “was he unheard of before Katie Price?’ Dane and Vinnie discuss Alex’s fighting. Dane ‘he said he won a belt”. Vinnie makes a dig: “that it might be a Louis Vuitton belt”‘.
They are watching Stephen and Alex practising fighting in the lounge. Vinnie comments “If bullshit was music there would be a brass band in the lounge.”

The girls sit at the panel. Vinnie introduces the evening wear round. Starting with Stephen, each hunk walks the catwalk donned in a slick evening look. They must then present a female judge with a gift. When Jonas gives Katia a rose. Sov says “Are you blushing or did you put too much on.”

The next round is swimwear!. Stephen and Dane are in two piece outfits. Jonas, struts in wearing his leopard print mankini. Sisqo’s swim wear prompts Nicola to ask him “Have you got socks in there?”

7.11 pm
Vinnie brings Stephen up on stage to perform his talent. Stephen recites a poem about his view of what makes a man.
Dane gives all the girls a massage. Jonas opts for his ‘special kiss’ on the cheek for each lady. When he gets to Katia he tries to make it a very special kiss on the lips, but she ducks out of it.
Sisqo sings a ballad.

Alex is the final hunk to display his talent. He builds a stunt, doing the splits using two chairs. “This was last performed in 2004 and resulted in a split groin”. He completes the stretch, before falling off the chairs to the ground, unharmed.

Vinnie reads the final results in ascending order. Stephen finishes in 5th position, a disappointed Alex comes in 4th, Jonas takes respectable 3rd place. Sisqo and Dane are the last two competitors in the running, but Sisqo snatches the crown.

Katia and Jonas cozy up at the smoking area. In the Kitchen Vinnie taunts Alex about his loss. He teases him for being ‘devastated with 4th place’. Alex takes the ribbing so Vinnie continues “I was Dell Boy and you were Rodney. Rodney you plonker”. Stephen walks past; Vinnie comments “Here’s Trigger.”

10.12 pm
Jonas and Sov are in the garden smoking she asks him “do you like Katia?” He answers ‘”yes, she’s really cool”but confides “she’s got a boyfriend … it kinda sucks you know.” Sov offers some sound advice – ‘you are a prize. If someone wants to win you, that’s up to them’.

Housemates are celebrating Sisqo’s Hunk Off victory. Katia is sitting on Jonas’ knee.

Alex is in the Diary Room ‘bit upset, voted number 4; I am devastated”… Of Vinnie as the talent host “he was a cool host, he was a bit unkind to me so we are gonna have words.”

In the Bathroom Sov asks Katia about her flirting. Katia defends it by explaining she’s a touchy feely type. Sov sort of agrees with her but points out ‘I don’t see you hugging anyone else’.

Katia and Jonas are at the smoking area.
Katia confronts the issue with Jonas, telling him it’s “all innocent flirting”, Jonas questions what she means by ‘innocent’. Katia’s theory is that it’s innocent, because she’s locked in a house with someone, so it is to be expected. Katia “anything that happens in here isn’t real anyway.”
When Jonas announces to the house that he is going to bed he says “I’m going to bed.. to another dimension” Sov asks “Are you both going to another dimension” as Katia follows him.

Katia gets into Jonas’ bed. Jonas follows her in and Katia initiates some cuddling. Jonas voices outloud “innocent flirting?”

4.27am Katia and Jonas have been in bed together all night.
She puts his hand to her chest.. he takes the prompt and kisses her passionately on her neck.
The show ends as Katia lies there smiling.

Lisa McGarry

Lisa has been watching reality TV for too long now. She won't do any housework unless 'Big Brother' announces it over the tannoy and everything she does has to be put to a public vote!