Celebrity Big Brother 2010: Day 6 highlights!

In the bedroom all the housemates are there and Katia and Jonas lie in bed together.
The rest of the housemates tease them – Katia then gets out of Jonas’s bed and walks back to her own. Nicola jokes “it’s the walk of shame” they all laugh.

10:58 am
Katia is talking to the girls she says of her and Jonas “just bored in here.. it’s a bit of harmless flirting.’

11:19 In the bedroom Alex says he’s going to start a new exercise routine. Vinnie suggests that maybe he should wait until Monday to see if he’s evicted and then start. Alex “my odds on winning are 14 to 1”.
Vinnie talking about cross dressing with Alex and why he allowed that story to perpetuate.
“do you ever sit at home in a dress?” Alex “I have done”… “it’s not like it’s a big deal”.
Dane asks Alex “Have you ever done porn?” (pause)… Alex says “no”.
But the housemates teasing for pausing for so long.
Alex leaves the room.
Heidi says to Vinnie that she can tell that when he questions Alex it makes him nervous. Vinnie tells her ‘I just wind him up. He seems a bit too honest sometimes.’

1.38 PM
In the bedroom the male housemates are talking about Katia .
Vinnie says ‘She doesn’t know what to think of me either as I just blank her. I think it takes all her effort to put one foot in front of the other. She can’t think of anything else.’

4:09 pm
Alex and Dane sit together and practice their singing.

9:27 pm Sisqo practices his routine in which Sov will disappear in a magic trick.
Sov is the the Diary Room. Big Brother ask her if she can keep a secret? Then explains that in her magic trick she will actually disappear. She agrees to take part in the trick.

10:29 pm
In the task room, the variety performance begins. A section of each of the acts is shown.
Stephanie does stand-up, Vinnie and Stephen perform their ventriloquist dummy routine.
Dane and Alex perform ‘Especially for you’. Alex plays Jason Donovan and Dane plays Kylie. They begin their routine but forget the words.

Sisqo is performing his magic trick with his glamorous assistant Sov. The magic happens, Sov disappears leaving Ivana is standing in her place. All audience are shocked. Ivana says ‘surprise!’? Sisqo then lifts her down. She introduces herself to housemates. Heidi recognises Ivana and looks unhappy. Then Heidi says remarks ‘you look hot Ivona!’ Ivana says ‘Thank you I know. It takes longer and longer each morning. Now where’s the dinner?’
Sisqo is still looking in the box for Sov “Dudes that was a real magic trick”

10:59 pm
The housemates’s are still in the task room.

The housemates return to the bedroom, Sov is released and goes into the bedroom Sisqo runs over and hugs her. Sov sees Ivana and says hello. She explains that BB didn’t tell her that someone else was entering the house. She then tells Ivana ‘I don’t normally dress like this by the way’. She is wearing her glamorous assistant outfit.

In the kitchen Stephanie tells Ivana about the lack of food and how tea bags have to be used more than once. She makes Ivana a cup of tea. Who promptly knocks it over.
Heidi tells Ivana about Vinnie “Ivana this is the greatest man alive but he’s married”.. “He’s so sexy” “He’s hot – he’s sexy”

Stephen asks if somebody will swap beds with him as he doesn’t want to sleep next to Ivana
Stephen talks to Big Brother in the Diary Room about Ivana. He wants to switch beds. He explains ‘there’s a disease in the US called Sleep cougar syndrome.’ This means when a older woman looks to go to bed with younger men. He’s worried Ivana might feel the need for companionship and look to who’s in bed next to her.

12:13 Ivana’s bags arrive and they’re Louis Vuitton. Alex says his belt is the same make. Vinnie winds him up by saying it’s a fake belt.
The male housemates help with the suitcases.
Jonas asks her if she didn’t have a boyfriend whether she’s kiss him? Katia says yes .
Ivana is in the Diary Room talking to Big Brother on public perception of her..
“I think people think I’m a hard worker, which I am. A good business woman, which I am. Women looking at me as a role model, which I know. And umm in general I think that peopled definitely they know that I’m a great mother.. which I am. And in general they think that I’m a good person”
She then says she thinks the experience could be turned into a book. She then says she’s joking about this.

3:06 am
Ivana has a mosquito net over her bed Heidi calls it her ‘princess net’

In Jonas’s bed Jonas and Katia lie together under the sheets – they start cuddling and pull the duvet over them both – kissing noises ensue.

Lisa McGarry

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