Celebrity Big Brother 2010: Day 7 highlights!

Part 1.
11.41 Jonas is in the diary room talking to Big Brother.
Jonas describes Katia she’s funny and always smiling and he doesn’t meet people like that often. He thinks she feels bad because she’s got a boyfriend but sometimes you’ve got to be selfish. He’s happy they’ve met and hopes she feels the same

“I’ve just met a soulmate” “Pretty cute – so that’s a bonus.”
“I feel there is a connection between us.” “we are both enjoying it so why not”

11.51 Heidi is in the diary room talking to Big Brother. Heidi “I can’t do it any more”.

In the bedroom Ivana asks Alex what he does for a living, he explains that he does mixed marital arts; she asks him whether he sings and Vinnie jokes that he’ll “hurt a lot more people at singing”.
they continue talking about fighting and belts… Ivana “I have a black belt in shopping” “I’m kidding, actually I hate shopping”

Part 2
Kat Sisqo and Sov are talking about Ivana. Sisqo “She is So F*cking RICH!”

Heidi is in the Diary Room she tells Big Brother she is ‘ready to go home’ she doesn’t like the shower and wants food and her things. Big Brother advises her to talk it through with other housemates before making a decision.
Heidi tells Stephanie she’s ready to go. Stephanie tells Vinnie she feels ‘upset’ by Heidi’s decision.

3.51 Alex is in the garden cleaning windows when he is given a task by the Tree of Temptation. He has to “kick down the Snowman kung-fu styly” And in return Big Brother will give him an hour with his punchbag this evening. But he is not allowed to mention this task to anyone.

Alex goes to change then come back out and starts kicking and attacking the snowman.
The housemates look on in horror. But they then start to wonder…. Jonas “secret task! I promise you.” Nicola thinks Alex is too nice to just kill the snowman.. he must have been set up to it.
The snowman is killed by Alex using his MMA skills.
He comes into the house and explains he was just releasing some tension. The housemates probe him further but Alex does his best to lie. “I had to get aggression out, I was angry”

Part 3
4.26 pm
Heidi is in the Diary Room – she has decided to stay in the Big Brother house after some consideration. “I like the Big Brother house – it’s great!” “the daily Challenge of no food, boredom and irritating people and no birds.”

5.38pm Katia and Jonas share a passionate kiss. Katia asks Jonas “do you feel awkward kissing with everyone watching”. He doesn’t.. they carry on cuddling.

Alex is in the diary room. He successfully completed his task so Big Brother lets him head into the task room to begin his hour with the punchbag.

Katia confesses to Jonas since she was 14 – 2 weeks is the longest she has been single. Relationships seem to find her, rather than she finds them.

Stephen walks past Katia and Jonas and into the toilet. Ivana comes in too and walks straight into same toilet door.. she quickly exits. Telling Katia and Jonas “It was a scary sight”

6.36pm Alex is in the task room, punching his bag and has built up a sweat. When his time is up he tells Big Brotehr he will need to come up with a good excuse to other housemates to explain his absence and sweaty state. Big Brother agrees.

Sweaty Alex walks back into the lounge where he is confronted by the other housemates. He says he’s been serving a punishment given to him by Big Brother for kicking down their snowman.

6.57pm Alex is being teased by Vinnie who is reading the rule book.
Vinnie to Alex “You technically could get thrown out for using physical violence – against the snowman.” Vinnie”all them kids crying their eyes out”.

8.33pm All the housemates have been given some subjects to talk about by big brother. They have crisps, nibbles and drinks. The idea is they are to be having similar chats to if they were relaxing down the pub. They all have to pull a different topic out of a glass to discuss.

Part 4
10.14pm Sisqo is still talking about Ivana’s enormous wealth. He definitely wants to cross paths with her again outside the house. He says the ring on her finger is worth three million dollars.

Jonas and Katia are in the bedroom kissing.

Vinnie and Stephanie are in the snug, talking. They discuss the other housemates.
Stephanie says she thinks “Alex is having a ball… he’s showing his muscles off on television”.

Vinnie reckons he can stick being in the house for another three weeks. And Stephanie is enjoying her time in the house too. She says she would like to stay if she could.

Lisa McGarry

Lisa has been watching reality TV for too long now. She won't do any housework unless 'Big Brother' announces it over the tannoy and everything she does has to be put to a public vote!