Celebrity Big Brother 2010: Day 8 highlights!


Housemates nominate for the first time.
Ivana is not eligible to nominate and cannot be nominated.
Housemates will nominate in weight order, the lightest housemate going in first.

Housemates are sleeping in the bedroom. Big Brother wakes up housemates by calling Nicola to the diary room. Nicola gets out of bed and goes to the diary room unaware that she will be asked to nominate.

Nicola Nominates.

She nominates Sisqo because she finds him patronizing and struggles to make conversation with him. She thinks that he likes to talk about himself quite a bit.
Her second nomination is for Katia because she doesn’t think she does much around the house and may be caught up in the moment with Jonas.

Nicola returns to the bedroom and informs housemates that Big Brother has asked her to nominate. Nicola tells Dane how hard it was and how it’s really hard to decide.


Sov is next to nominate
She nominates Heidi because she doesn’t make an effort and Sov wonders why she came in if she knew she was going to laze around.
She nominates Alex because he doesn’t speak to her and spends his time lifting weights.

Big brother calls Katia to the Diary room.

Ivana talks about how she didn’t sleep very well last night. She tells them that somebody was talking in their sleep. Sov joins them and tells Ivana that it could have been her talking in her sleep as she had “a kinky dream” last night. Dane and Nicola laugh and tease her about it. Ivana seems confused and Dane explains. Sov says she is “so embarrassed”.

Katia nominates Nicola as she feels she acts a lot dumber than she actually is. She didn’t like it when Nicola kept singing puppy love about her and Jonas.
She nominates Stephanie because when she is around she doesn’t feel she can talk about stupid things. She thinks she is a “fuss pot”.


Heidi nominates Sov because she thinks her teeth are “like a vampires”. She also thinks that Sov and some of the younger housemates are like annoying stupid little kids saying “Teach that kid some manners”.
She nominates Stephanie as she feels she is obnoxious and always passing judgment on others.

Heidi enters the lounge after leaving the diary room and says “I better get voted out of this fucking house, I voted for Stephanie and Sov so they better vote me out” Alex laughs at her outburst.

Heidi talks to Katia about voting and says that she didn’t vote for Vinnie “I couldn’t”.

Big Brother announces to the house that the storeroom is open for the Housemates to collect the groceries. Housemates are excited about the amount of groceries delivered to storeroom.

Ivana and Alex are exercising in the lounge. Ivana shows Alex how to use her exercise ball.

Stephanie nominates
She nominates Jonas because of his “anal” humour. She thinks he has “too much interest in what he calls farting and shitting”.
She nominates Katia. She calls her “a beautiful orchid with no roots of her own”. Thinks the house would get more sleep if she went as Jonas and Katia would no longer disrupt them by sleeping in same bed.

Sisqó nominates
He nominates Heidi as he thinks “she has tapped out of the competition”.
He also nominates Dane as “he doesn’t add too much to the competition” and that his personality is “a little too neutral”.

Stephen is in the lounge talking to Dane and says he would like to produce ‘The Dane Bowers talk show’. He says that he thinks that is what England needs.

Katia and Jonas hug on the sofa. Katia sits on Jonas’s lap.
Stephen looks at Katia and says ‘”you have got him right where you want him”.

Vinnie and Alex are in the garden exercising. Vinnie is leading the work out session and counting Alex in to exercises.

Jonas nominates
He nominates Heidi because she is not doing anything. He thinks she is “a weak link” saying that future tasks will be compromised if she stays.
He nominates Sisqó because he is tired of him being a showoff and name dropping.

Dane nominates
He nominates Katia as he doesn’t feel she gets involved. He says “She is in her own world and doesn’t make an effort” adding “She is used to being around older people so age gap is not an excuse”.
He nominates Stephen because he niggles him and although he admires the strength of his faith he feels that he pushes his faith on people too much.


Stephanie, Vinnie and Ivana talk in the bedroom about their dogs. Ivana sings the songs she sings to her dog. Stephanie tells Vinnie and Ivana about how she talks to her dogs on Skype. Vinnie asks Ivana what language she talks to her dog in, she confirms “English”.

Alex nominates
He nominates Heidi as he wants to have fun and she has warned that she is a bitch and her gremlins will come out.
He nominates Sov as “she seems unhappy”.

In the bedroom Jonas and Katia flirt on the bed. They talk about kissing and then they start kissing. Jonas says “Oh that’s awesome”.

Vinnie nominates.
He nominates Heidi as he has been waiting on her, although he admits that there is “psychology to my madness” as he does this so that he can control what she has from the fridge other wise “If she wants to take something from the fridge the she will take it”.
He also nominates Stephen as the house is not big enough to hide from him.

Ivana and Stephanie talk in the bedroom about Stephanie visiting Ivana when they leave the house. Heidi tells Ivana that she has a “beautiful life”, that she likes the fact that she is not snobby and that she wants everyone to be as fortunate as her.

Nicola, Vinnie and Stephen are in the kitchen. They joke together about nominations. Nicola says she just had a go at Stephen but jokes that she shouldn’t have done since they are nominating today. She jokes “I am really sorry Stevey B” and Stephen tells her not to worry, she “is safe”.

Stephen nominates
He nominates Sov. He doesn’t think she lends a helping hand around the house. He thinks she is the less giving than most of the others.
He nominates Jonas as he hasn’t seem to done anything except build a snowman. He has no awareness for fellow housemates.

Heidi, Katia and Sov will therefore face the public vote. Phone lines will open later today. Check www.channel4.co.uk/bigbrother for details.

Vinnie was the only housemate to receive no nominations.


Sov, Sisqó, Stephanie and Dane are sat in the living room discussing Katia and Jonas sleeping together in the same bed. Stephanie finds it “utterly, utterly rude”.

In the bedroom Katia and Jonas are on the bed. Katia warns Jonas not to be “too clingy” adding “it is ok if I am clingy”


Katia, Sov and Nicola chat in the corner lounge about Katia and Jonas. Nicola asks Katia if she is having a lovers tiff and if she is dumping him already. Katia says there is nothing to dump.

Jonas and Stephen are in the bedroom.

In the corner lounge, after seeing Jonas in the bedroom, Katia says “I really don’t like those trousers”

Sov and Katia are chatting in the garden

Sov and Katia are in the garden. Katia talks to Sov about wanting to end things with Jonas. She says “I am just really sexually frustrated” and that she doesn’t want to mess things up with her boyfriend.

Jonas joins them in the Garden and starts singing and stoking Katia’s face.

Jonas and Katia in the bedroom. Katia asks to talk to Jonas. She tells him “we need to stop this” adding “it’s not worth it in the end” as they are “just friends”.

In the bedroom Alex and Jonas talk about Katia. Jonas tells Alex she has broken up with him. Alex talks to him about the difficult situation they are in and that people get scared.

In the garden Sov and Katia talk about Jonas. Katia hopes Jonas doesn’t get all dramatic about it. Katia says that she does really like him but not that much. She then tells Sov “I didn’t like his jeans”.

Big brother announces that all housemates must go into the bedroom.

In the Kitchen Dane and Vinnie are cooking. They are both annoyed about having to leave the dinner to go in to the bedroom.

In the bedroom Jonas is lying on his bed on the opposite side of the room from Katia.


Big Brother asks housemates to gather in the lounge.

Dane inspects the kitchen and sees that Big brother has taken away the food. Dane exclaims “Oh the bastards have taken our food”

Big Brother then asks the housemates again to gather in the lounge immediately.

Big Brother explains to the housemates that the food has been taken away as punishment for breaking the rules. They tell the housemates that at 10:30am Heidi broke the rules by talking about who she nominated, at 1:20pm Nicola and Stephen has a conversation where Stephen make a reference about nominating. Big brother explains that the food has been replaced with emergency supplies.

HM’s go the storeroom/ kitchen to inspect the emergency supplies. They have a bag of lentils, a bag of rice and a bag of chick peas. Vinnie is not impressed.

Vinnie talks about throwing the emergency supplies over the wall in the garden and the others try to discourage him. Vinnie says “I will be over that wall then’.

Vinnie goes in to the bedroom gets into bed. He moans about what they have been given to eat.


Housemates talk about the food. Stephen and Nicola disagree about what was said that caused the rule break.

In the bedroom Katia and Sov discuss how Heidi had eaten the most that day before the food was taken away.

Nicola comes to the diary room to clarify what was said between her and Stephen that caused the rule break. She is upset about Stephen saying she has a selective memory. Big brother tells her that it was Stephen that broke the rules and she says “he will deny it – Knob”.

Nicola confronts Stephen in the Kitchen and asks him to apologise for saying she had a selective memory and he claims Big Brother is lying. Stephen says that when he said she had selective memory it was a joke but she can apologize to him if she wants.


In the bathroom Alex and Jonas are naked (Alex is wearing his ‘Jason Donovan wig’ from the Variety Show task) and run out in to the lounge covering their genitals with there hands. They shock the other housemates and they laugh. Alex kisses Stephanie on the cheek. Alex and Jonas then go out to garden chasing after Dane who tells Alex “I am not Kylie right now”. The other housemates joke about locking the door. Alex and Jonas stand at the glass. A laughing Ivana counts out loud “1 2 3” and gestures for them bear all. Alex and Jonas then come back inside and Ivana says “That was funny”.


Katia and Heidi are in the lounge. They talk about Jonas. Katia says that they have only been together for 3 days and that she only liked him properly for one day.

Jonas is in the Diary room talking about Katia breaking up with him. He thinks he may have been too pushy and that he knew she had a boyfriend but lust takes over.

Big Brother asks Jonas how he feels about Katia. He describes if feeling like a kid who got loads of sweets and then they are taken away. He thinks he will give her space and see how it goes.

Heidi and Sov are in the lounge. Katia is in the garden smoking. Heidi says “they fell in love then broke up”.

Lisa McGarry

Lisa has been watching reality TV for too long now. She won't do any housework unless 'Big Brother' announces it over the tannoy and everything she does has to be put to a public vote!