Celebrity Big Brother 2010: Day 9 highlights!

Day 9 – 11th January


The Housemates awake to find that the house has been transformed into an old people’s home.


The Housemate’s are gathered in the Lounge to listen to the wireless to hear about today’s task. They are told the task rules and what is expected of them. If they pass the task they will win a luxury shopping budget. Stephanie and Ivana are the carers as they are of the age of an OAP. All the rest of the Housemate’s are Residents in “Last Legs Care home.” Ivana asks, “What is a carer”? When Stephanie explains she says “Oh, a worker”! Sov walks around complaining that she might have to wear a skirt again.


All the Housemate’s have been supplied costumes and makeup- which they must wear for the duration of the task. One of the rules of the” last legs” care home state that Carers, Ivana and Stephanie are the only ones who can prepare Housemate’s food and drink.

Stephanie and Ivana are making cups of tea and coffee for the residents.

To get Residents warmed up Big Brother has arranged a session with exercise royalty, Mr Motivator on the plasma screen.

The residents are taking part in the exercise; they are watching the plasma screen whilst sitting in their armchairs and following the moves. The music plays and Sov realises it’s her song, she says, “it’s my song, oh dear”.


Sov, Jonas and Sisqó are in the Garden.

Sov is impersonating an old lady, she is walking with her Zimmer frame and pretends to fall over in the ice; Sisqó helps her up, also acting as an old man himself.

Vinnie is in the Kitchen watching over Stephanie and Ivana whilst they cook breakfast; he tells them how to cook porridge. Ivana tells Vinnie, “Don’t touch”. He gets Ivana to make him a cup of tea and he tells her how to make it.


The Housemates are being locked in the Bedroom, Vinnie asks Ivana to get some water for the Housemates as the Residents are not permitted to take anything from the kitchen.

Vinnie tells the other Housemates that Ivana is annoying him. He says, “She is doing my head in”. Sov agrees. Ivana comes back form the Kitchen with bottles of water for the Residents.


Housemates are seated in the Lounge; their task is to compete in a Countdown challenge. They get their instructions for the task and pick the Housemates which can only be Residents from the group. Sisqó asks Housemate’s after Big Brother has given the instructions for the game, “what’s the game?”

Stephanie picks the 5 Residents that she thinks would be good for the Countdown game, Sisqó nominates himself but he is not picked.

Once the Residents have been picked, the carers help them to the Countdown table and chairs. Sisqó is sitting back with the other Residents and he is complaining that he is annoyed at Ivana for ignoring him. Nicola tells the rest of the Residents, “We didn’t even get looked at”.


The Residents are seated in the Lounge, playing Countdown with a live studio audience. The Residents and Carers not playing are sitting behind watching.

The Residents are playing the numbers round. They get the answer wrong and the Studio challenger tells the host that they have cheated by copying his answer. In the back Ivana is telling Sisqó that she had the answer because it was very easy and she is good at numbers.

Vinnie jokes with the challenger “That’s our dinner tonight gone”.


Its lunch time at “Last Legs” the home for OAP celebrities. Carers must ensure that all the food served to Residents is of a smooth consistency.

However Carers can eat whatever they like.

Vinnie is telling Stephanie how to liquidize food, he also tells her, “check that they will all eat this”.

Some of the Residents are rebelling about the blended food, they are not happy that it has to be as smooth as a liquid. Alex then comes into the Kitchen and tells the two ladies that no one will eat their liquidized food.

Stephanie serves the Lunch, she says, “it’s as good as you’re gonna get today”. Sisqó eats his liquidized sandwich first, he tells the Residents, it “tastes like a sandwich”.

One of the rules of the retirement home is that all Residents must be escorted to the Diary Room by a Carer.

Sov asks Ivana to take her to the Diary Room.

Whilst in the Diary room, Sov tells Big Brother that she is not happy with the blended food because they are blending it too much so it has no life left in it.

The rest of the Residents are in the main house, they are having a heated discussion about the liquidized food. Sisqó and Jonas are sticking up for Stephanie and Ivana saying there is nothing they can do about the food.

Vinnie makes a comment about being shocked at the way Stephanie has acted whilst in charge. Dane remarks that it’s all about the “distribution of power”.


The Housemates are seated in the Lounge waiting for Big Brother to announce the Housemates who are up for eviction this week. The Housemates nominated this week, were Heidi, Sov and Katia.

Sov and Katia go into the Garden, Sov tells Katia she knew she would be up for eviction, she also says, “People get the wrong impression of me” adding “all I have been is myself”. Katia tells Sov that the reason she might be up is because of the Jonas incident and the fact that other Housemates were not happy about it.


It’s been 1 hour and 16 minutes since the Housemates learnt that Katia, Sov and Heidi will be facing eviction this week.

Sov is in the Bedroom crying.

Some of the Housemates are in the Snug, Alex is talking about his family life, and he mentions that he would like to clear the air with Peter Andre. The Housemates talk about how funny it would be if Peter was in the house, Alex says, “I hope he is in here”.

Vinnie asks Alex if he regretted running around the Garden naked with Jonas. Alex says, “yes and no because I am a joker, I’m Alex Reid, Alex f*cking Reid. You either love me or you hate me”.


Carers Stephanie and Ivana have been cooking for 1 hour and 23 minutes.

Some of the Residents are bitching about how they have been waiting for dinner to be cooked. Nicola says, “Everyone is starving”.

Last night Stephen had an argument with Nicola about his nominations rule break.

Stephen enters the Snug, he starts bitching about Nicola to Vinnie and Alex. Vinnie says, “I think she’s a sweetheart”. Stephen tells Vinnie, “Nicola will stab you in the back to win”.


The Housemates are fighting over food and the way it’s been served and the time they have had to wait for it. Sov and Stephen are in the Kitchen as Stephanie and Ivana serve up dinner. Sov says, “I’m starving”. Some of the Residents are at the sofas talking about the Carers as they serve dinner.

Sov comes back and sits down, she says, “they have been in there all day, Heidi says, “two dumb b*tches”.

All the Housemates go to the Kitchen to get their dinner. Sov storms off because Ivana won’t give her two meals even though she ordered one. She complains that she wasn’t given enough food on her tray. Sov sits down with her food and looks at it, she throws it on the table and says she won’t be eating it; she then walks off to the Garden.

Once in the Garden Sov talks to Katia about Ivana and the fact that she hasn’t eaten all day and Ivana wouldn’t give her two meals. She admits that she might have been a bit hasty. Stephen comes out to talk to Sov telling her “he has one enemy in the house” referring to Nicola.

Dane is sitting with some of the other Residents in the lounge, he tells them, “Sov was rude”.

Ivana tells Stephanie in the Kitchen, “Don’t let it get to you”.


It has been 2 hours and 43 minutes since Ivana and Sov had an argument about liquidised food.

Ivana comes to see Sov who is in the Bedroom sitting on her bed; Ivana hugs Sov and apologies for being patronising. Sov accepts Ivana’s apology and then gets up and goes into the lounge to talk to Jonas.

Jonas asks Sov if Katia has said anything, Sov tells Jonas that Katia has told him everything she knows, Sov asks him why he wants to know, he says, “just curious”.


It is a rule of the “Last Legs” nursing home, that Carers must tuck each Resident into bed for the night.

Stephanie is in the Bedroom tucking Heidi into bed.

Alex and Jonas are in the lounge, they are talking about Katia, and Alex tells Jonas that he should give it another go with Katia.

Katia then walks into the room from outside and tells Jonas how funny it would be if they were both still sleeping together in bed and had to be tucked into bed at night. She says night and leaves Jonas along in the lounge alone.

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