Celebrity Big Brother 2010: so who nominated who?

The second round of Celebrity Big Brother nominations took place yesterday and we already know that Nicola T and Lady Sovereign will both be up for eviction tomorrow night. However we thought you might like to know who nominated who and their reason for dong so.

Nicola nominated Stephen because “he’s strange towards me” and Sov “because she is not a team player.

Sov nominated Ivana because “she treats me like a kid.” And Stephanie as she ignores her. “I’m a bit tired of Stephanie”.

Stephanie nominated Sov “because she’s not a team player.” And “selfish and immature” “she represents a dissident element”. She also nominated Jonas as “he represents crudity of expression, which I don’t enjoy”. “the talk about farting and shitting all the time. I don’t find it amusing”.

Sisqo nominated Ivana as she “shows favouritism towards Alex – maybe she’s got the hots for him” and Nicola because she’s “a little preoccupied with her life outside of the house.” He then started singing about Simon who Nicola mentions frequently.

Ivana nominated Jonas who she calles “Johan” and is particularly outspoken about Jonas’ nude stunt a few days ago and says that the housemates are not taking part in a porno movie. She also nominated Nicola because she is“sugar sweet” but “has an agenda” and she wasn’t happy about her conduct with the teabag shortage.

Alex nominated Sov for not being a team player and just trying to “appeal to her market” And Sisqo as he thinks “he’s a threat and he’s beating me” and he doesn’t “want an American winning”.

Dane nominated Sov as “she’s more and more unaware of anyone around her”. And Ivana as she is a “worrier”.

Jonas nominated Sisqo because “he’s a show off dude” and Sov as she’s irritating and “she’s smoking all my cigarettes.”

Vinnie nominated Alex as “things are getting tight and he’s got an appetite for three people.” And Nicola T because she travels around from group to group and he isn’t sure of her motives I’m “not sure if she’s a stirrer on purpose.”

Stephen nominated Nicola as she’s more concerned for herself and Dane as he too looks out for himself.

So did any of those nominations surprise you? Leave your comments below!

Lisa McGarry

Lisa has been watching reality TV for too long now. She won't do any housework unless 'Big Brother' announces it over the tannoy and everything she does has to be put to a public vote!