Celebrity Big Brother 2011: Marcus Bentley to have bigger role – promises flashbacks and new format

Marcus Bentley has revealed that when Celebrity Big Brother launches on Channel 5 next week, it will be with a slightly new format.

The 43 year old actor, broadcaster and voice-over artist will provide the narration of the series for the 12th year running but has claimed that his role will be even bigger this time round.

After Channel 4 cancelled the show, the reality TV format was bought by Channel 5, who will host a celebrity version next week, followed by a full length normal series straight after.

Speaking about certain ‘tweaks’ the new bosses have made, Bentley told Bolton FM:

“They are going to be a bit of tweaking with the format.”

He added:

‘There is going to be bits of flashbacks and there is going to be a “yesterday, Nasty Nick went to the diary room and slagged everyone off” kind of thing…….It’s going to be different…… There is going to be more Marcus.’

Part of Marcus’ new role will also be announcing the new housemates as they enter the house on launch night. In previous series this job would have been carried out by presenter Davina McCall but this year it will be Bentley and not new host Brian Dowling who details each person’s profile. He explained:

“I am going to be to introducing the housemates coming into the house. Normally it wouldd be Davina but that’ll be my job now.”

Marcus also confessed that he was elated when he found out that Channel 5 and Endemol wanted him to return to the show. Revealing that he didn’t expect the show to return until 2012, he added:

“When I heard they wanted me to do it I was quite emotional. It’s been my life for over a decade and I was worried they’d go for a completely new look and get someone else in. When I was offered it I didn’t give it a second thought – I said yes straightaway.”

“I knew it would come back but I didn’t think it could come back this year, I thought it’d take a year off and come back in summer 2012.”

Lisa McGarry

Lisa has been watching reality TV for too long now. She won't do any housework unless 'Big Brother' announces it over the tannoy and everything she does has to be put to a public vote!