Celebrity Big Brother 2013: Danielle Marr becomes first housemate to be evicted

by Nick Barnes


It has been revealed this evening that Danielle Marr has become the first housemate to be evicted from the Celebrity Big Brother house.

On Thursday evening, the new crop of housemates entered the refurbished Celebrity Big Brother house but not all was as it seemed. As Louie Spence, Lauren Harries and Sophie Anderton were the first three housemates to enter the house, they became the founding members of the Cult of Celebrity. It was their job to decide who would face eviction this week.

On Friday during a special live show, the three housemates entered the Celebrity Big Brother house after watching their fellow housemates’ every move in the Cult of Celebrity towers. Ron became the first housemate to face the public vote, on Saturday Danielle was chosen as the second housemate to face the chop and on Sunday evening the Cult of Celebrity opted for Vicky to become the third and final member to face the first public vote.

After a quick change with the voting system – which is now a Vote to Save for the Celebrity edition of the show – Danielle received the least number of votes and therefore became the first housemate to be given the boot!

Upon exiting the house, Danielle left with mainly boos from the audience.

In her exit interview with Emma Willis, Danielle said she is fine now she is out of the house and she is happy to see her little boy. She added that times goes so fast but it seems so long since the launch show.

Danielle Marr.

“It isn’t aired over here so nobody knows me – I was only just getting started. If I got to week two and people saw the mischief, maybe I’d have had more of a chance” she said when asked why she thought she had been evicted.

Speaking about Louie, she said: “I wasn’t upset about him, that day I was missing my little boy… but I get to see him now, so it’s okay. What’s Louie Spencer to me? I wouldn’t have even bothered nominating him… he’s not worth the nomination”.

“Yeah, I would think so. He came in, a clique began to form” she said when asked if he had any sort of power.

One person she got on with was Vicky, she said she is a “real, down to earth Northern lass” and she is a “down to earth lass from Dublin” and they’re both hard working, so they got on together.

She finally said she would like to see Lauren win!

Nick Barnes

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