Celebrity Big Brother 2013: Louie Spence becomes seventh housemate to be evicted; “It’s a real mental challenge”

by Nick Barnes

Celebrity Big Brother - Summer 2013

Louie Spence has become the seventh celebrity to be evicted from this year’s Celebrity Big Brother house.

Louie was put up for eviction earlier in the week following the ‘Double Trouble’ task in which the housemates nominated in pairs. It was revealed that Carol McGiffin, Courtney Stodden, Mario Falcone, Louie Spence and Vicky Entwisle would face the public vote tonight. Earlier this evening, Vicky become the sixth housemate to be evicted from the house.

Upon exiting the house, Louie received quite a good reaction from the crowd.

He told Emma: “I was shocked [I stayed for so long]. I really struggled, I found it difficult being with those people. I thought it would be easy and it isn’t… it’s a real mental task and a challenge”.

He said about doing the show: “I’m so happy I’ve done it and I’m so happy I’m out. There’s people in there that really want to win and it would mean so much to them”.

Speaking of Carol’s nomination he said: “I know Carol was there when I was struggling. He judgement would have been on the fact that I was struggling.”


“I would liked to have stayed because it is a job and you lose sight of that in there as it’s bigger than a job. You have to think about the people that are taking time to vote for you and it’s not nice for them to think I don’t want to be in there. At one point everyone said they didn’t want to be in there. Everybody is on their own journey in there and that’s why it was difficult to be around me sometimes,” Louie said about his ‘game face’.

“We’re both strong characters, as you get to the final you start to care what you say as you feel remorse what you say as you’re struggling as well. I was like ‘I don’t care’ but some people do care, you understand people are struggling,” he said about his up and down relationship with Carol.

Quick Fire Questions
Worst person to live with: Courtney
Biggest fake: Lauren
Desperate to win: Courtney and Charlotte

He said he wants Charlotte to win.


Nick Barnes

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  1. grnny di on September 12, 2013 at 9:00 am

    It was quite a shock for Louie to be out. I’ve grown to like him and thought he would easily make the final. Now we have our finalists. I didn’t expect Vicky to be one of them but I’m glad that she is. I’m not too bothered who wins but I think Abz deserves it. Lauren wants it but I think she’ll do well on the outside anyway. I like Charlotte when she’s not being crude and stroppy but I hope she doesn’t win because it sends the wrong message out to people who think this is the way to behave. Mario has just been there floating in the background (even moreso than Abz) Just on the edge of the action all of the time. He deserves the final but not the win. Can’t stand Carol, I laugh at her remarks and find her funny but she is not a nice person at all. I would love Vicky to outstay Carol just to wipe the smug smile off Carol’s face.I really think it will be Vicky out next probably followed by Mario but I’m really really hoping people will give a little vote for Vicky Just to get Carol out next.

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