Celebrity Big Brother 2013: Brian Dowling thinks ‘amazing’ Heidi Montag & Spencer Pratt could be faking their meanness

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Brian Dowling has admitted that he loves it when Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt cause one of their big rows on Celebrity Big Brother.

The Irish star of course presents the Channel 5 reality TV show and during an interview on BBC Breakfast this morning he revealed that he was elated when the house erupted this week, following the couple’s refusal to take part in a task, which then caused Claire Richards to lose her letter from home.

Brian chuckled:

“When that happens I clap and I go ‘I want to see more of that.'”

Dowling thinks the pair are ‘amazing housemates’ but he’s not sure how genuine they are. Because of their background on scripted reality show The Hills, he thinks they could be faking a lot of their nasty and dramatic actions.

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“They’re amazing housemate, they’re on a show in America called The Hills, which is huge,” he said.

“It’s kind of scripted reality, so they’ve done lots of fake reality and I’m not sure if they’re pretending to be mean, or whether they are being mean.”

Brian continued:

“They’ll say something mean, then apologise, then they’ll go ‘everyone is horrendous we hate them.’ Then it’s ‘we’re sorry, we’re just having fun.’ For a viewer, from a social experiment perspective – which is what the show is – they’re amazing.”

Speidi survived another eviction last night, and watched on as both Frankie Dettori and Tricia Penrose were voted off the show. They have made it to Friday’s final with Ryan Moloney, Rylan Clark, Razor and Claire and Dowling thinks there’s a chance they could win.

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He said:

“Normally characters like that would be up for eviction and they’d go. They’ve been up three or four times and the public are saving them over British housemates.”

“It goes to show that maybe people are watching the show now and saying ‘let’s play the game,'” he continued.”

“People say that they could potentially win. We’ve never had an American or a couple win Celebrity Big Brother, it would be amazing.”

Would you like to see Speidi winning CBB tomorrow? Do you think they’re faking their nasty side? Leave your comments below…

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