Celebrity Big Brother 2013: Brian Dowling thinks people feel ‘cheated’ over Rylan Clark X Factor tour rehearsals

brian dowling

Brian Dowling has said that he understands why people were upset when they found out that Rylan Clark has been allowed to leave the Celebrity Big Brother house, but he thinks it’s being made into a bigger deal than is necessary.

The Irish presenter of the Channel 5 show was on BBC Breakfast this morning and shed some light on why Clark was granted some time outside the small Elstree residence.

The star said that bosses had agreed to allow Clark two external rehearsal sessions for his upcoming X Factor tour before he even entered the house but insisted that they were strictly managed, while the singer was watched closely by staff.

He explained:

“Contractually he was allowed to leave the house on two occasions for a tour practice, with a Big Brother chaperone and just one other person, a choreographer and no one spoke to him about Big Brother.”

rylan clark

Some fans of the show were furious that Rylan had received special treatment and said that he could have picked up information that would help him gauge how he’s being received by the public and who else is standing out on the nightly show.

However Dowling, while understanding the complaints, insists it’s made no difference to the series or to Clark’s behaviour at all.

“It’s not affected the reality and it’s not affected his time in the house so I don’t think it’s that relevant,” he said.

rylan clark

“I can understand why people would feel a bit cheated, but the show has moved on from what it was on Channel 4. Rylan is so popular, I don’t think it will affect him.”

The X Factor star is the bookies favourite to win the series when the final takes place tomorrow night and Brian can see why people would be getting behind him. He said:

“He’s had a good time. I think Rylan had a point to prove doing this show. He was so hated on The X Factor because he wasn’t a proper singer but for me Rylan is the ultimate housemate. He’s loud, he’s camp, he’s not afraid of confrontation and he’s fun.”

He added:

rylan clark

“He has been on a really, really good journey.”

However, he’s warned Rylan fans not to be complacent about tomorrow night’s result and continued:

“People think he is going to win but are they voting. I think sometimes people think because he is so popular someone else will vote for him.”

Do you think Rylan could win tomorrow? What do you think of his X Factor excursions? Leave your comments below…

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