Celebrity Big Brother 2013: Carol McGiffin ain’t happy about Sophie Anderton and Courtney Stodden’s rule break and Bruce Jones doesn’t think “the punishment is enough”

by Nick Barnes



On tonight’s show we will see that Sophie Anderton and Courtney Stodden break a fundamental rule of Big Brother… they talk about nominations! Even more so, they reveal that they nominated each other.

As a result of their rule break, the hot water and all the electrical appliances were turned off and access to the gym was closed until further notice. Bruce Jones can flip over the smallest of things these days and it didn’t go down too well with him…

Loose Woman Carol McGiffin told Bruce: “F**king idiots! I’m just sick of it. If you break the rules they won’t let you go home, they just make everybody suffer”.

Bruce added: “Suffer, I’d make them suffer for something stupid! I would humiliate them”.


Meanwhile, in the Diary Room Bruce has had it just about up to here *points* and says that the punishment isn’t enough… he’d have left Courtney and Sophie in the jail until the following morning.

He tells Big Brother: “I don’t think the punishment is enough for me if I’m honest…I would have them in that jail until 8 o’clock tomorrow morning and no one is allowed to speak to them. That punishment has got to be more severe they put the rest back in punishment and it’s not right…No cups of tea, no food, just a glass of water every now and again. Let them cry. Let them realise what they have done wrong.”

Bloody hell Bruce, I think you’re on the wrong show here! Giving them a glass of water “now and again” and letting them cry is rather sadistic…

Celebrity Big Brother continues this evening at 9pm on Channel 5/HD.

Nick Barnes

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