Celebrity Big Brother 2013: Carol McGiffin thinks Charlotte Crosby is acting up and Mario Falcone tells Charlotte: “You are my sort of person”

by Nick Barnes

Celebrity Big Brother - Summer 2013


This evening, we will see the housemates’ first full day in the Celebrity Big Brother house and bonds are already beginning to form.

Essex lad Mario Falcone tells resident Geordie girl Charlotte Crosby that she is his “sort of person” in the house.

Mario tells her: “You are my sort of person, Carol is cool… there are some feisty people. I think Carol may explode at some stage”.

Charlotte tells him: “When I walked into the house, Bruce and Vicky looked at us with this look of anger! I don’t know how to judge her. I get a bit scared of her sometimes”.

Mario replies: “Abz doesn’t say much. He’s cool. It’s like he doesn’t want to know when I go to talk to him”.

Charlotte retorts: “I don’t see Courtney as young… I am fascinated by her”.

mario falcone, carol mcgiffin

Abz said on last night’s show that he didn’t like the way Mario sort of blanked him when he entered the house, so that’s why he may be being a little off with him.

Meanwhile, one person that isn’t all that keen on Charlotte is loose woman Carol McGiffin.

She tells Big Brother in the Diary Room: “I love Charlotte but I can see she might get a bit too much, she pretends to be dafter than she is. Vicky is a bit abrasive, I think people may take her the wrong way; she had a go at Charlotte about wanting another drink. I can say anything to Charlotte and she won’t get p*ssed off. Courtney I will have to tread a bit carefully, I think could get easily upset and I won’t ask Ron about the incident that got him off TV and radio as it’s not necessary, if he brings it up I will happily talk to him about it.”

Big Brother continues this evening at 10pm on Channel 5/HD.

Nick Barnes

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