Celebrity Big Brother 2013: Charlotte Crosby is crowned the winner of Celebrity Big Brother; “I was so unlady like”

by Nick Barnes

Celebrity Big Brother - Summer 2013

Charlotte Crosby has been crowned as the winner of Celebrity Big Brother 2013!

Charlotte has been hilarious in the house, she has been a tad loud and sometimes a little on the drunk side but she really has been the entertainment in the house this year. She managed to survive 23 days in the most famous bungalow in Britain… we’ve had tantrums and arguments and she’s even wet the bed, but she’s pulled on through and been crowned as YOUR winner of Celebrity Big Brother 2013.

Upon leaving the house, Charlotte was greeted with a massive amount of cheers from the waiting crowd – she couldn’t seem to believe that she had won the show!

Speaking to Emma in her winners interview, Charlotte said: “I just can’t believe it. I thought everyone hated us. I was so unlady like!”

When asked if she ever thought she could win, she said: “Oh God no! I honestly thought Lauren was going to win. There’s so much to take in. I’m so glad to see other people”.

“I’m asking myself this question… my behaviour isn’t acceptable really! I wasn’t prepared for life in the house, I thought it was going to be like the Geordie Shore house. Nobody likes it when you fart” she said about why she thought she had been voted as the winner.

On her “farting” she said: “Just embrace the fart!”

Charlotte's bed...

On Vicky: “She’s a lovely woman. Louie started the fight and I just finished it off! We’re both very fiery. When I had my argument with Bruce, I feel like she was standing up for Lauren and she was having her say but she was having it really nastily. She’s not a totally different person, but she gets really angry. She’s like Carol, but Carol is angry all the time so nobody can tell the difference”.

Speaking about Mario, she said: “We were friends straight away as I knew I could go to him about anything. We are from similar backgrounds and he was like my brother. It was great to have a friend like that”.

“Abz is the most calmest [person] and he finds love and peace in everything. Before the bonding task I didn’t feel I was his type of person but when we wee tied up I figured we liked the same stuff like aliens.” she said about Abz.


Nick Barnes

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