Celebrity Big Brother 2013: Charlotte Crosby thinks Bruce Jones is a “miserable bastard” and find out who nominated who!

by Nick Barnes



On tonight’s show, self-confessed gob on legs Charlotte Crosby loses her cool with Bruce Jones over last night’s noise in which Courtney Stodden was being a tad loud in the bedroom.

In the Diary Room she tells Big Brother that he is a “miserable bastard” and that he will go out of his way to say something in a “really scary manner”

She tells Big Brother: “I am so angry, I hate Bruce so much and I have never met such a miserable person in my whole life. He’s a miserable bastard. I feel that he goes out of his way to say something in a really scary manner. He has anger problems”.

Elsewhere, it’s nominations day and this week, Courtney Stodden, Louie Spence, Bruce Jones, Lauren Harries and Sophie Anderton will face the public vote.


Find out who nominated who, below:


Bruce: He’s aggressive & always turns his nose up when anyone is having fun.
Abz: He doesn’t socialise with her and if he was to go, she wouldn’t notice he was gone.


Sophie: She is “so bossy” and treats the “whole place like a catwalk”.
Bruce: He’s “on the edge” and he shouts in an angry way that “makes me scared”.


Courtney: “She likes her things more than an actual person”.
Sophie: “She hears but she does not listen”.


Lauren: He says she “is just an accident waiting to happen”.
Louie: “He is arrogant”.


Courtney: She “does not pull her weight around the house”.
Bruce: “As much as I love him, his temper is lost too easily” and “at the end of the day a man should not shout at a woman”.


Louie: He “gets too moody, he is very entertaining but when he is moody he is a dark person”.
Mario: “I feel he converses a lot more with the other Housemates but not me, I wonder if he is embarrassed to be in my company”.

Lauren and Courtney.


Louie: “I find him frustrating”.
Lauren: She has a “lack of consideration to others personal space and property” she has a lot of “tension that comes along with her, I like her but it is time to go”.


Carol: “Everyone farts but she does not stop, she needs to be more ladylike”.
Charlotte: “I can’t stand living with her as she is farting on purpose and it is unclassy, I don’t like it”.


Bruce: “He looks down on people like Charlotte and me, he should know better”.
Lauren: “She likes to be centre of attention and everyone feels on edge. She’s really messy and unhygienic”.


Courtney: “She is very sweet but I’m sick of seeing her toosh, feels like I’m in a porn film”.
Charlotte: “She behaves in a disrespectful manner”.


Bruce: “He has had a couple of angry outbursts and with the incident with Charlotte and Courtney when he shouted at them to shut up, it was over the top”.
Sophie: “She just creates drama out of nothing, she lies about not having botox when her face doesn’t move”.

Celebrity Big Brother continues at 9pm on Channel 5/HD.

Nick Barnes

Nick is the Assistant Editor at Unreality TV, along with being a full-time Beyoncé obsessor! Email him at nick@unrealitytv.co.uk or catch him on Twitter @ImNickBarnes

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  1. granny di on September 3, 2013 at 11:24 am

    Charlotte apologised to Bruce although she admitted that she didn’t really mean it and said he hadn’t apologised to her. He didn’t actually say sorry but he did say ‘Don’t worry about it, enjoy yourself, you’re only young’. If I had been woken up by drunken screeching I think I would have shouted too.

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