Celebrity Big Brother 2013: Charlotte Crosby and Vicky Entwistle make up and Abz Love compares Carol McGiffin to a “vulture”.

by Nick Barnes

abz love


Following the big bust-up we saw on last night’s highlight’s show, Charlotte Crosby and Vicky Entwistle make up on tonight’s show.

Vicky explains that she chose to shred Charlotte’s letter as she has people she can turn to in the house like Mario Falcone and Louie Spence. Abz Love doesn’t really have anyone in the house so that’s why she thought it would be better for him to have his letter.

Vicky tells Charlotte: “If I hadn’t of got my letter, I would have liked it for someone to come and tell me why the other person was picked and not you. You’ve got Louie and Mario in here. Everyone is giving you cuddles and getting you through it. Abz is a loner”.

Charlotte replies: “I would have done the same if I had to pick between me and Abz, I would have said Abz can have it. Because he hasn’t got anyone. But, it’s not until you don’t get it that you feel bad”.


Meanwhile, Abz has animals on the mind and he tells Big Brother in the Diary Room that former Loose Woman Carol McGiffin reminds him of a vulture.

Abz tells Big Brother: “If the housemates were in the animal kingdom and we were in the jungle right now, Louie would be a hyena; I see Carol as a sort of vulture; I’d be an elephant, nothing f**ks with an elephant; Courtney would be a Jekyll; Lauren, a 3 toed Sloth; Charlotte, a Meertcat; Vicky probably be an Orang-utan, Mario he is the Tarzan. He is the boy swinging from the vines and serenading all the other chimpanzees”.

Big Brother asks: “Who would be the king of the beasts?”

Abz continues: “It’s got to be the elephant, it is strong; it is determined… it observes; it sees. I am going to pay some respect to myself, I am grateful for who I am and what I have become… mingling with these guys has been amazing but it’s time for greener pastures”.

Yep… an elephant does do much either, does it Abz?

Celebrity Big Brother continues this evening at 10pm on Channel 5/HD.

Nick Barnes

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