Celebrity Big Brother 2013: Claire Richards says constant rowing made her want to walk, but Razor Ruddock tried to “calm things”

by Lynn Rowlands

claire richards

Celebrity Big Brother star Claire Richards has revealed that she nearly walked out of the house several times after the strained atmosphere and rows became unbearable.

And as of course viewers will know, it was largely thanks to Spencer Pratt and Heidi Montage that things in the house became tense as they frequently refused to take part in tasks, and openly criticized the housemates.

However, Razor Ruddock has also revealed that – during ‘fight night’ when he was warned for his conduct – he was actually trying to “calm things”, not make them worse by challenging Spencer during his row with Ryan Moloney and Rylan Clark.

But starting with what Claire had to say, she told the Daily Star Sunday, “One night when there were a lot of rows and it all kicked off I just thought I couldn’t handle it any more.

“I felt singled out by Heidi and Spencer and couldn’t cope with it. I thought they’d be gone at the next eviction and then they didn’t go.

“It kept getting worse and then better and then worse again.”

Claire added, “I went to speak to Big Brother about leaving.

“But people gave me a bit of space and after a while I felt all right again.”

razor ruddock

Of what Razor said about the infamous ‘fight night’, he explained, “I stepped in to diffuse the situation, not to be aggressive.

“It worked for 20 years in football. There were arguments every day in dressing rooms and I was always the one to step in.

“You just have to show people who is boss. I just didn’t want to see anyone getting picked on. I would never have got violent.

“I had a terrible temper when I was a footballer. It used to get me in trouble.

“That’s the reputation I’ve still got. But the truth is I’m the most laidback person now.”

And Razor wants to show there’s no hard feeling towards any of the housemates by inviting them to his wedding. He’s set to marry fiancé Leah Newman in August.

He said, “Everyone is going to come, I’ve invited them all. Claire and Rylan are going to duet.

“She offered to sing and I told her she can duet with him for us all.”

Here’s a look at what Razor had to say of his time in the house…

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