Celebrity Big Brother 2013: Claire Richards thinks I’m A Celebrity sounds ”absolutely horrific” but she might do it!

Claire in DR

Claire Richards has admitted that taking part in I’m A Celebrity is her own idea of hell.

The Steps singer made it to the final of Celebrity Big Brother last month and has starred in other reality TV shows such as Popstar To Operastar and Steps Reunion series for Sky. However, fans shouldn’t expect to see her in the jungle anytime soon, as she thinks the ITV show sounds ”absolutely horrific”.

It turns out that Neil ‘Razor’ Ruddock put her off the idea of heading to the outback for three weeks, when he shared tales of his time on I’m A Celebrity during their time inside the Big Brother house.

The mum of two told BANG Showbiz that while she wouldn’t rule out an appearance on the show – who knows when she’ll need the cash – she doesn’t like the sound of it very much and explained:

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”I’ll never say never because that’s when you make an idiot out of yourself but being on ‘Celebrity Big Brother’ has certainly made me think about doing certain other shows.

”Razor was telling us stories of the jungle, and you think ‘Big Brother’ is bad but that sounds absolutely horrific. There is absolutely not a chance in hell you will ever see me in the jungle. That is for sure.”

Razor scared Claire with tales of creepy crawlies and horrific tasks and the buxom blonde added:

”He was saying when you go to toilet at night all you can see is the shadow of all the Huntsman spiders on the side of the tent. And you go to the loo in a hole in the ground so I was like, ‘No, that’s not for me.’ ”


We’re not sure Richards could cope with I’m A Celebrity, especially since she admitted she very nearly walked out of Celebrity Big Brother because of the pressure.

She revealed that there were times when she came close to giving up and Claire continued:

”I was surprised to get out of ‘Celebrity Big Brother’ sane. At times it was as intense as it seemed. There were times when I did think, ‘What on earth am I doing here – I have to get out now.’

”But the majority of the time I have to say I had a great time and I absolutely loved it. It was experience that I will certainly never have again and I needed to make the most of it.”

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