Celebrity Big Brother 2013: Claire Richards thinks she looks fatter than size 16 on TV!

claire richards

Claire Richards has revealed that she is finally comfortable with her body shape, but thinks she looks bigger on TV and in pictures than she really is.

The Steps singer just emerged from a three stint in the Celebrity Big Brother house and has famously struggled with her weight for years.

She has featured in TV shows which focussed on her yo yo dieting and appeared in magazine spreads, showing her new svelte figure one month and then her return to chunkiness the next.

Speaking to The Daily Mail, after being asked if she is happy with her size these days, the mum of two said:

“Absolutely, but it has taken me a long time…A lot of that has to do with the public perception of me.”

claire richards

Richards starred in BBC’s ‘Claire Richards: My Big Fat Wedding’, a programme following her on her journey to lose weight before her wedding, in May 2009. Claire had already released a fitness DVD Five Step Fat Attack on 26 December 2008.

She has ranged from a size 10 to 18 over the past five years but she’s happy with her size 16 frame these days and continued:

“I think I look bigger in pictures and on telly than I am for a start…When you have people drawing attention to it and making silly comments it’s hard.”

“A big thing with my weight and my size and the kind of yo-yo cycle and what I struggled a lot with when I first put the weight on, was knowing how to dress.”


Claire was recently named as the face of Fashion World, a clothing line designed for plus-sized women. World. Following in the footsteps of fellow Ambassador Claire Sweeney, the singer has picked her favourite items from the retailer’s spring/summer collection and said:

‘Sometimes I just despair when I have to get new clothes, as I can never find what I want on the high street. Fashion World has totally changed my attitude to buying fashion and has revolutionised my wardrobe! Finally I can find clothes which look great, are suitable for all occasions and come in my size.’

She continued:

“I think with Fashion World they concentrate heavily on the issues that women worry about with their body.”

claire richards

Claire has better be careful or she could end up even bigger than usual by the end of this year, through pregnancy and not over eating.

Rylan Clark revealed yesterday that he would like her to be his baby mama when he finally settles down.

What do you think of Claire’s size and shape or does it even matter? Leave your comments below…..

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