Celebrity Big Brother 2013: Danielle Marr sobs because nobody has asked about her ‘little boy’ and Sophie Anderton asks Carol McGiffin ‘Does Mark sh*g you senseless?’

by Nick Barnes

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On tonight’s show, Danielle gets a little teary in the Diary Room after she finds out that she will also face the first public vote along with Ron Atkinson this Wednesday.

Speaking to Big Brother in the Diary Room, Danielle says that she’s more upset about the fact that nobody has asked her about her family or about her little boy. Apparently “some people are very much into themselves” because they’ve not taken time out to specifically ask her about her child.. ermm… okay!

She tells Big Brother in the Diary Room: “I’m sad I’ve been nominated, I wouldn’t like it to be over too early. I’m not surprised as I’m not really known. I’ve been very open, what you see is what you get; I’ve made an effort to chat to people. They haven’t even asked me about my family…I’m not crying about my nomination, I’m crying about my little boy…they haven’t even asked, that’s my most important job. Some people are very much into themselves, but that’s OK.”

Meanwhile, as part of yesterday’s task it was revealed that Carol McGiffin wanted to have plastic surgery and Sophie Anderton sits her down to have THE talk with her…

carol mcgiffin

Sophie tells her: “Now, back to this whole facelift bloody thing…”

Carol retorts: “What?”

Sophie explains: “Do it but only do it subtly… I want to introduce you to this amazing woman, this is my area of expertise… knowing the right people. She’s incredible, you don’t need the full shebang”.

Carol replies: “I’m not going to have the full shebang. I know what I’m getting!”

Sophie pleads with Carol: “Please see this woman…”

Carol snaps: “No!”

The conversation then takes a little u-turn up Awkward Alley as the conversation gets a tad personal. Sophie pleads with Carol for her to see this “amazing woman” and Carol reveals that she may end up chickening out anyway as she doesn’t want to wake up “looking like some freak”.

Celebrity Big Brother - Summer 2013

She explains to Sophie that she doesn’t want the facelift to make her look younger, she still wants to look like her but “without the droopiness”.

Sophie asks: “Does Mark love you?”

Carol replies: “Of course he does! He doesn’t want me to have a facelift”.

Sophie then asks: “Listen to the man you love! Does he sh*g you senseless?”

Carol, looking a tad shocked replies: “It’s none of your business!”

Waw, what a question to ask someone after about 48 hours of knowing them…

Big Brother continues this evening at 9pm on Channel 5/HD.

Nick Barnes

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