Celebrity Big Brother 2013: Did Rylan Clark overthrow Dictator Frankie Dettori to land a luxury budget? Find out here! (VIDEO)

by Lynn Rowlands

rylan clark 2

As fans of Celebrity Big Brother will know, X Factor star Rylan Clark had to lead a secret revolution to overthrow house Dictator Frankie Dettori in order to win a luxury shopping budget for the housemates this week…

And yesterday saw the climax of the task, which has seen Rylan stowing explosives down his pants while Claire Richards bugged Frankie’s phone and stole the keys to a trunk full of the housemates’ possessions.

But did they manage the coup de grâce? Click ‘Read more’ to find out!

The good news is, Rylan and his cohorts did indeed manage to topple the dominating Frankie Dettori regime, and as a result, the housemates will enjoy a luxury shopping budget again this week.

The winning moves came yesterday morning when Big Brother gave Rylan the blueprints to the layout of the house in order to help him and the other oppressed celebs overthrow the tyrant Frankie.

rylan clark

Here’s a list of the revolutionaries final objectives…

OBJECTIVE 1: Tear down all propaganda posters

OBJECTIVE 2: Deface the large flag in the garden

OBJECTIVE 3: Deface all the banners in the garden with red paint

OBJECTIVE 4: Unlock the box and recover banned items

OBJECTIVE 5: Plant explosives in the statue of Frankie

OBJECTIVE 6: Detonate the explosives

OBJECTIVE 7: Lasso the statue to topple it over and destroy it

OBJECTIVE 8: Capture the Dictator and his guards

On the show’s official website, a post last night read, “We can announce that the housemates were successful in their mission. The Regime has fallen and the Dictator, along with his guards, have been sent straight to jail.”

Yay! Here’s how the revolution got well and truly under way… By the way, as the video won’t display in some browsers, you can click here to view it in a new window


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