Celebrity Big Brother 2013: Dustin Diamond becomes fourth housemate to be evicted

by Nick Barnes

Celebrity Big Brother - Summer 2013

This evening, Dustin Diamond has become the fourth housemate to be evicted from the Celebrity Big Brother house.

Following a surprise round of live face-to-face nominations on Wednesday evening, Dustin Diamond, Louie Spence, Courtney Stodden, Vicky Entwistle, Bruce Jones, Lauren Harries and Abz Love all faced eviction on this evening’s show.

Unfortunately, after the lines had frozen Dustin had received the least number of votes and became the latest housemate to bite the dust.

Upon leaving the house, the crowd met him with unanimous cheers – so it’s a wonder why he’s been evicted with such great support. Although, with the show nearing its end, Dustin was a bit of a slow burner.

In his exit interview with Emma Willis, Dustin said he was pleased with his reaction: “I’m worried, does this mean we’re on lock down?”

“It was time, I had a great time, I love everybody in there but it’s weird to be out and see real people. It’s a long time to be in there and see the same people every day” he said when asked if he was gutted to be out.

dustin diamond

“They had all seen the show. I looked up a little bit… I didn’t want any preconceived notions” he said about not seeing the show.

On Wednesday, Dustin received the most votes. When asked what happened between Sunday and Wednesday, he said: “From not seeing the show, I didn’t know things got worse then better, then worse then better… I wasn’t sure what was going on and I was missing my wife terribly… I’ll miss everyone in there but I miss her more”.

“As soon as I get my phone it’s FaceTime” he added.

He went on to tell Emma: “The only thing I’m going to miss is the weird things that Big Brother throws at you.  But the relationships I’ve made will stand the test of time”.

When asked about Louie: “He’s very extraverted but also very shy”.

Speaking about Lauren: “She has such a soft heart….either Lauren or Abz should win.”


Nick Barnes

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  1. granny di on September 7, 2013 at 10:09 am

    Lovely bloke but he’s too quiet for the younger voters who are the majorty of BB viewers who actually pick up the phone. I admit I am one of the older ones who only votes on odd occasions while the younsters seem to make multiple calls to ‘Save their fave’.

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