Celebrity Big Brother 2013: Gillian Taylforth says EastEnders bosses want her back, even though Kathy Beale’s dead!

by Lynn Rowlands

gillian taylforth

Gillian Taylforth, who of course left the Celebrity Big Brother house last week, has revealed that the bosses of BBC soap EastEnders have “begged” her to return to the show, even though her character Kathy Beale died in a car accident!

Apparently, EastEnders producers met with Gillian and told her that the decision to kill Kathy was “the biggest mistake in the show’s history” and added that if she agreed to return to the soap, they would find a way to write her back in.

Gillian told the Daily Star Sunday, “I was at an EastEnders party and I had a scriptwriter saying they wanted me to go back…

“They were asking if I could think of any way Kathy could return even though she’s been killed off.

“They said they’d thought of loads of ideas about how it could work but wanted my input.

“They said because viewers didn’t see me die that there are ways round it. Another idea I heard was that Kathy could have a twin.

“Even one of the executive ¬producers Jon Yorke told me that killing off Kathy was the biggest mistake they’ve ever made.”

the beales, eastenders

We last saw Gillian as Kathy in 1998 when the character went to South Africa to start a new life, however, in order to write in Kathy and Phil Mitchell’s son Ben – who was played by Joshua Pascoe – the writers had Kathy die in a car accident so that Ben would have to move to London to live with his Phil (Steve McFadden) and/or his half-brother, Ian Beale (Adam Woodyatt).

Of her character dying, Gillian said, “I had the producer who decided to kill me off come over to me and confess it was her who did it.

“She said she thought it was a really good idea at the time but now realises she shouldn’t have done it.

“I said ‘oh, thanks very much’.”

She added, “If the EastEnders storyline was good and I could make a dramatic return I would go for it.

“I still get fans calling me Kathy all the time. It’s actually really nice.”

However, a show spokesman said that although Kathy was “a great character”, there were -currently no plans to bring her back.

Here’s a reminder of Gillian playing Kathy…

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