Celebrity Big Brother 2013: Guess What task resolve reveals a few secrets! Find out what Abz, Charlotte Crosby & Dustin Diamond etc., were hiding!

celebrity big brother housemates 2013

As we reported earlier, last night, the Cult of Celebrity shortlisted three housemates they feel should face the public vote, and after some deliberation, the Cult decided Danielle should be the one to join Ron in facing the first public vote of the series.

This evening, they will make their final decision before their three chosen housemates will face the public vote.

However, after the jump, we also have news on the resolve of the celebs’ task, Guess What…

Yesterday, housemates were given an opportunity to explain in detail some stories which have been reported about them.

They also attempted to guess which of their stories the public voted the ‘Most Interesting’ via the Big Brother website.

Here’s what Channel 5 have had to say how that worked out…

abz celebrity big brother

• Abz claims he slept with between 500 and 1,000 women during his time in 5ive.
• He once burned down a hotel room in Dublin. VOTED BY PUBLIC (Guessed Correctly by the Housemates)
• Abz lost his money and his home after 5ive split.

• Bruce convinced Status Quo to perform at his on-screen wedding in Coronation Street. VOTED BY THE PUBLIC
• Bruce was suspended from Corrie in 2007. (Incorrect guess by Housemates)
• He has re-trained as a mechanic.

• Carol heard about her split with husband Chris Evans over the radio. VOTED BY THE PUBLIC (Guessed Correctly by the Housemates)
• She was celibate for seven years until she met her partner.
• Carol is 22 years older than her partner and is considering a facelift.

courtney stodden

• Courtney met her husband online, when she was 16 and he was 50. VOTED BY THE PUBLIC (Guessed Correctly by the Housemates)
• Courtney was home schooled through an online private Christian academy.
• Courtney rejected a $5 million porn offer.

charlotte crosby

• Charlotte regularly gets naked and has sex on camera for reality TV show Geordie Shore. (Incorrect guess by Housemates)
• Her favourite party trick is balancing noodles from each nipple. VOTED BY THE PUBLIC
• Charlotte was given an 18 month ban for drink driving.

• Danielle has three degrees and a masters in Aesthetic Medicine. VOTED BY THE PUBLIC
• She was romantically linked to Dane Bowers.
• Danielle called her previous reality co-stars “talentless” and her “supporting cast”. (Incorrect guess by Housemates)

dustin diamond

• Dustin claims he’s slept with over 2000 women, and has even released his own sex tape entitled ‘Screeched – Saved by the Smell’. VOTED BY THE PUBLIC (Guessed Correctly by the Housemates)
• He formed a rock band called Salty the Pocketknife. Their only album failed to chart.
• Dustin declared himself bankrupt in 2001.

lauren harries

• Lauren was labelled a ‘child prodigy’ in the field of antiques but now admits it was all a hoax. (Incorrect guess by Housemates)
• Her family reportedly tried to sue the Government for £1 million for ruining the economy.
• Before entering the house, Lauren says the person she would least like to live with is “Les Battersby”. VOTED BY THE PUBLIC

• Louie attributes his astounding flexibility to his mum folding him up into an MFI cabin bed as a child.
• His best friend is Emma Bunton from The Spice Girls.
• Louie says his speech suffered from a trampolining accident as a child. VOTED BY THE PUBLIC (Guessed Correctly by the Housemates)

• Mario admitted to cheating on his ex-fiancée and TOWIE co-star Lucy seven times.
• He runs his own dating site.
• Mario claims he has been involved in threesomes, foursomes and fivesomes. VOTED BY THE PUBLIC (Guessed Correctly by the Housemates)

• Ron managed nine football clubs in his career.
• Ron used his own trademark phrases as a football pundit, which became known as “Ronglish”.
• In 2002, Ron released a Christmas song, “It’s Christmas – Let’s Give Love a Try”. VOTED BY THE PUBLIC (Guessed Correctly by the Housemates)

• Sophie has worked as a model since she was 14 and has modelled in 48 international campaigns.
• Sophie once spent £10,000 on a dress.
• Sophie was once arrested for causing a disturbance at a train station. VOTED BY THE PUBLIC (Guessed Correctly by the Housemates)

vicky entwistle

• Vicky released a fitness DVD after dropping from a size 16 to a size 6.
• She moved in with her now-husband the night after their first date. VOTED BY THE PUBLIC (Guessed Correctly by the Housemates)
• Vicky once worked as a Pontins blue coat entertainer.

Housemates therefore guessed 9 stories correctly and won a takeaway dinner – enough for 9 people – that was delivered to the house last night.

Here’s a look at some of that action…

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