Celebrity Big Brother 2013: Heidi Montag & Spencer Pratt want to “call their lawyers” after Neil Razor Ruddock row!

spencer pratt, heidi montag

Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt are starting to play hard ball on Celebrity Big Brother.

The American pair were left reeling after an explosive row kicked off between them and Neil ‘Razor’ Ruddock on Friday night and they have told Big Bro that they want to “call their lawyers” and get legal advice about their position in the house.

After the pair rejoined their housemates following Sam Robertson’s eviction, they kicked off, telling the stars that they had been watching them for the past two days from a TV in the basement and later nominating Rylan Clark for being fake and Claire Richards for being boring.

It was like waving a red flag to a bull and the pair were left quaking in the boots when Neil squared up to Spencer and warned the couple that things could “get nasty.”

spencer pratt, heidi montag

For now the pair have returned to the basement, only rejoining their fellow housemates for meals and tasks and despite being urged by producers to return to the main house full time, it’s thought that the reality TV stars are desperate to leave the show altogether.

Producers are now stuck with Speidi and having to pay them around £250,000 each, even though they are not participating fully in the series.

A show source told The Mirror:

razor in DR

“The row with Razor has shaken the whole house and it is taking time to smooth things over. But they could have walked out completely.”

A Big Brother spokesman said: “For the time being Spencer and Heidi will sleep in the basement. At other times they will be integrated into the house.”

rylan clark, razor ruddock

The America’s have been nominated for eviction and may be leaving anyway if they are voted out on Wednesday. They are up against Rylan and Claire, who they nominated and also Lacey Banghard, who was put up by her fellow housemates.

What do you think of the whole furore? Are you Team Speidi or Team Razor? Leave your comments below…

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