Celebrity Big Brother 2014: The housemates are on ‘slime watch’ as Lee & Casey choose who’s the most boring housemate

by Nick Barnes
lee ryan

Celebrity Big Brother 2014: Lee Ryan, Casey Batchelor

This afternoon, Lee Ryan and Casey Batchelor got up to their first trick as they live a secret life in Big Brother’s Bolt Hole.

As we saw on last night’s live ‘eviction’ show, Lee and Casey were voted as the pair of celebrities the viewers most wanted to see enter Big Brother’s Bolt Hole – and we bet that was just for the awkwardness.

However, this afternoon, the celebrities in the main house have to correctly predict which Housemate topped a variety of viewer polls.

The task, titled ‘Slime Watch’ will see the winner of each category faced with a bucket of slime over their heads.

But, what the housemates don’t know is that Lee and Casey are ‘the viewers’ and they have decided which housemate they think is most aware of the cameras, most flirty, most boring and the most rude, to name but a few of the categories.

Big Brother will ask both Casey and Lee which pair of housemates they would like to face the slime zone. Big Brother will then call two housemates over to the slime zone under the pretence that they’re the top two on the viewers’ poll.

Once the housemates are in place, both Casey and Lee will decide who they want to be gunged. If the two housemates get the answer right to each of the categories, then they will win a point. The housemates will receive a reward for each point they earn.

Lee Ryan, Casey Batchelor Celebrity Big Brother 2014

The categories the housemates will be asked about are as follows:

  • Most Aware of the Cameras
  • Most Flirty
  • Most Talentless
  • Most Boring
  • Most Rude
  • Most Genuine
  • Most Two Faced
  • Most Sly
  • Most Sexy
  • Most Fake
  • Most Attention Seeking
  • Most Entertaining
  • Most Determined to Win
  • Most Moaney
  • Most Talented

We’ll let you know the outcome of the task, but if you want to see it for yourself, you’ll have to tune into tomorrow evening’s eviction show at 9pm on Channel 5.

Who do you think Lee and Casey will have chosen to top each category?

Nick Barnes

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