Celebrity Big Brother 2013: It’s nominations day and Claire Richards can’t wait to make her noms!

by Lynn Rowlands

claire richards

Today is the day that most Big Brother housemates dread, nomination day, however former Steps star Claire Richards simply can’t wait to get into the Diary Room to cast her vote!

During a chat with X Factor star Rylan Clark this morning – Claire and Rylan are of course already facing eviction on Wednesday after Spencer Pratt and Heidi Montag nominated them on Friday before they rejoined the main house – Claire said, “I don’t think I’ve ever wished for nominations so much.”

However, as far as we’re aware, Spencer and Heidi are immune from nominations this week, given that they successfully hid the fact that they were in the basement from their fellow housemates last week…

But perhaps Claire isn’t aware of that, and had hoped to nominate the pair, or she’s just happy that she and Rylan won’t be the only ones facing the chop next week.

However, since the ructions on Friday night – and after Speidi once again rejoined their housemates yesterday – things in the Borehamwood house have been remarkably calm and civilized…

But as Rylan remarked to Claire and Razor last night, “I feel like everyone’s acting like it’s okay when it’s not.”

claire richards, rylan clark

Razor of course received an official warning after he squared up to Spencer following The Hills star’s argument with Aussie soap actor Ryan Moloney. You can read about that here.

Anywho, assuming that Speidi are indeed immune from nominations, who do you reckon will be up alongside Claire and Rylan?

I think poor Ryan may well be up again.

Here’s a look at Spencer promising yesterday that he wasn’t about to forget the events of the last week in a hurry! If you can’t see the video – it won’t display in some browsers – click here to watch it in a new window.

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