Celebrity Big Brother 2013: Jim Davidson bailed after Operation Yewtree arrest but he WON’T be going into the house!

jim davidson

As we reported yesterday, comedian Jim Davidson was arrested in London and questioned by police who are heading up an inquiry named Operation Yewtree, which was of course launched after police received hundreds of allegations of sexual offences against minors which were leveled at the late DJ and TV presenter Sir Jimmy Savile and “others.”

Falling into the “others” category, Jim was arrested on Wednesday along with another as yet unnamed man. Both were subsequently released on bail and have not been charged with any crime.

Somewhat ironically, over on Primetime, we reported that Jim told the media there was a “Savile #2” just waiting to be unmasked by the authorities…

However, through his lawyers, Jim has denied any wrongdoing and has vowed to clear his name. But of course, he had been due to go into the Celebrity Big Brother house today, however, Channel 5 have revealed to the Mirror that he will be replaced and won’t be taking part in the show.

An insider told the paper, “Everyone has agreed that it’s for the best.”

Davidson is the tenth man to be questioned as part of the Jimmy Savile sex abuse inquiry, but the allegations leveled at hi are not thought to be directly linked to Savile.

As mentioned above, after the Savile scandal broke last October, Davidson warned of further arrests, stating that one would be of, “A bloke who’s a loner, dresses and acts like a nonce and thinks he is the most ¬important person in the world.

“Hmmm. I knew. I had no proof.

However, he warned also that the inquiry could become a “witch-hunt.”

He wrote, “Everyone has had the nod… enough is enough.

“The Jimmy Savile witch-hunt is going a bit silly now.”

In a statement yesterday, Mr Davidson’s solicitor, Henri Brandman, said two women have made allegations against him which date back approximately 25 years.

The statement reads, “The complainants were then in their mid-20s. Jim vigorously denies the allegations.

“He answered police questions as fully as he was able after this passage of time.

“He has not been charged with any offence. Neither he nor I will be making any further comment.”

We will of course find out who’s replacing Jim during tonight’s launch show at 9pm, but for now, here’s a reminder of a recent news report about Operation Yewtree…

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