Celebrity Big Brother 2013: Lauren Harries claims she’s going to stalk whoever nominated her and Courtney Stodden questions Abz Love about his nominations

by Nick Barnes

Lauren and Courtney.


Whoever nominated Lauren Harries had better sleep with one eye open from now on as she has claimed she will stalk whoever is responsible for her facing eviction once again tomorrow evening.

Harries faces eviction for the second time in a row tomorrow night and in the garden whilst exercising with Carol McGiffin, she says: “When I find out, I’ll stalk you”.

Lauren tells Carol: “If I get evicted, you’ll miss me won’t you?”

Carol replies: “Yeah, course I will!”

Lauren adds: “But I am not going to get evicted because I pray to God and to my fans that I won’t”.

Carol jokes: “I’ll pray for you Lauren”.

Lauren then tells her: “No idea who did try to evict me last night. But I will just watch the re-runs and find out. I know my memory is cr*p but when I do find out, I’ll stalk you. Abz, I’ll stalk you too. I will find out your address and stalk you. And you’ll never, ever have a sane life again! I’m only joking”.

Joking or not, sleep in the Diary Room tonight Abz!

Meanwhile, Courtney Stodden questions Abz on why he nominated her this week. She doesn’t understand his comment about her being superficial.

Courtney asks: “What part of me made you think that I was superficial? What part of my front should I say? Because that is not me…It’s funny to me, because I am not that”.

Abs tells her: “Just things and stuff I thought was more important to you than real connections with people…I just presume because like when I did the LA thing, I just kind of thought you were just one of them. Typical stuffy girls”.

Courtney retorts: “Because of how I am treated sometimes by men looking and lusting sometimes…I just get a little bit protective of myself.”

Abz replies: “But that is like a defence mechanism. You play a role… you have to protect that heart”.

Celebrity Big Brother continues this evening at 10pm on Channel 5/HD.

Nick Barnes

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