Celebrity Big Brother 2013: Lauren Harries claims she’s slept with 3 celebrities…..including Russell Brand!

by Lisa McGarry

lauren harries, courtney stodden

Lauren Harries is penning a new book and she’s promised that people will be shocked by some of her high profile conquests.

The transgender star has only just finished a stint in the Celebrity Big Brother house and now she’s planning to capitalise on her success by releasing a tell all autobiography, which will apparently include details of at least three nights of passion.

Lauren told the Daily Star that the men include a major TV star, a pop singer and a mainstream entertainer and she admitted that the stars will be worried about the revelations she has to make in her warts and all literature.

She said: “There might be some celebrities out there worried about my book. There might be big names in there I’ve done things with.

lauren harries, russell brand

“A TV star. A pop star. Someone in entertainment. I have met a lot of well-known people in my life.

“That’s all I am allowed to say. I’m not giving you names yet… wait for the book. I’ve led a colourful life.”

Lauren first shot to fame as child antiques expert James Harries on the Terry Wogan show but finished in third place on Friday night, losing out to Charlotte Crosby and Abz on CBB.

She has previously claimed to have slept with comedian and actor Russell Brand, though he denied it and after being questioned by his mother, tweeted:

Celebrity Big Brother - Summer 2013

“With respect to the ol’ transgender community, I didn’t have it off with the antiques kid.”

Harries insists she was telling the truth though and said:

“I know Russell tweeted about it. My comment? I never lie. That will be in the book too.”

For now Lauren is single and looking for a new man. She admitted that she has been celibate for the last six years but is ready for the dry spell to end and said:

“I haven’t had sex for six years but I am a lady and I’m not just going to grab anyone off the street. I want to be wooed.

lauren harries

“On Big Brother, Mario Falcone was the ideal man for me but it would take someone more ballsy to take on me and my baggage.”

Lauren will appear on This Morning later today and it sounds like she’s excited about the interview, as she tweeted:

“am unbanned from this morning Philip is brave-I willl be on Tuesday, please join me when I talk to Philip again Nite Love you Lauren xxxxx”

Lisa McGarry

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