Celebrity Big Brother 2013: Lauren Harries finishes in third place; “It’s wonderful to see my family”

by Nick Barnes

Celebrity Big Brother - Summer 2013

Lauren Harries has finished this year’s series of Celebrity Big Brother in third place this evening.

Lauren has wanted to go into the house for quite a number of years now and has finally had the chance this summer. On multiple occasions Lauren has said that being in the house and going all the way to the final is very important to her as she doesn’t mix with other people. She lives at home with her parents, brothers and her beloved cats and she doesn’t see the outside world that much. To make it to the final will be an incredible feat for Lauren.

Upon leaving the house, the crowd greeted her with unanimous cheers!

In her exit interview with Emma, Lauren said: “It feels good to be out. It’s a surreal experience, I don’t think anyone realises how surreal. It’s wonderful to see my family”.

“I think everyone had that thought, but I’m so pleased to be third,” Lauren said when asked if she ever thought that she could win.

“There was thirteen people and me, nobody really knew me. It took time for people to understand me and they did and that’s all that matters. To be third is just amazing. To see Courtney and my family is fabulous. Either Charlotte and Abz can win and they both deserve it,” she said.

Celebrity Big Brother - Summer 2013

When asked what it was like to mix in the house, Lauren said: “It wasn’t easy, no. I am a clumsy person anyway and it wasn’t easy as I’m not used to so many people. There was some wonderful times with Vicky and Carol – Carol taught me how to be domesticated! I walked in myself and I’ve left as myself. Hopefully I’ll get more work in London which will give me some more freedom”.

Lauren said on her friendship with Courtney: “She was so honest and so beautiful but also a wonderful spirit and soul. We were the blonde bombshells. We got on and we had a lot in common, especially with fashion. I would have managed if Courtney wasn’t there, but it was nice to have someone like her in the house”.

On Carol, she said: “I can’t say it was like having my mum in there but she was a mother-figure. She didn’t put up with any crap and my mother doesn’t”.


Nick Barnes

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