Celebrity Big Brother 2013: Lauren Harries jetting out to LA to film reality show with Courtney Stodden! #Yawnfest much?

by Lynn Rowlands

lauren harries, courtney stodden
As fans of Celebrity Big Brother will know, reality TV ‘personalities’ Courtney Stodden and Lauren Harries became firm friends during their stint in the house, and in fact, they became so close that they’re now planning to star in their own show!

Though I personally can’t think of a fresher hell than watching it – I have nothing against either party and both seem nice enough; I just find them dull viewing – the ladies are set to meet up in Los Angeles to discuss their show, which is apparently going to be about them being together in LA…

Literally minutes of thought must’ve gone into the planning of the programme, and while providing further elucidation about the complex concept, transsexual Lauren told The Sun’s TV Biz, “It’s a reality show with me and Courtney, and it’s about us being together in LA.

“She’s going to show me, LA, and her house…

“I’m going to stay there and it’s going to be filmed.”

Lauren and Courtney.

Thank Christ she cleared that up because it’s evidently a massively different show to Celebrity Big Brother, which focuses on ‘celebs’ staying together in a house.

O wait, no…

Anyway, the paper’s article adds, “Lauren’s announcement shows there was no rift between the pair after Courtney chose fellow American Dustin Diamond over Lauren to spend her birthday pyjama party with her.”

Of that, Lauren said, “I think she needed somebody American.

“She needed a drink and she knew I didn’t drink…

“I wasn’t gutted because I knew I’d be seeing her very shortly.”

Lauren – who first found fame as a child appearing on The Terry Wogan Show – added, “I don’t think you should be like that with friends.

“They should be able to make their own mind up about what they want to do. And I’m also a very understanding person.”

lauren harries, russell brand

When asked if – while filming the new show with Courtney, in a house, in LA – Lauren would expand upon a recent tabloid tale that she and Russell Brand had hopped on the good foot and done the bad thing, Lauren said, “I’m writing my book. So I’m keeping that one.

“But I will be writing it down.”

However, Russell took to Twitter to deny that he’d had any assignations with Lauren, writing, “With respect to the ol’ transgender community, I didn’t have it off with the antiques kid off Wogan.

“My favourite media lie ever though.”

Here’s a reminder of Lauren and Courtney in the CBB house…

Lynn is an editor and writer here at Unreality TV and is a trained psychotherapist and the author of two books. She's addicted to soaps, period drama and reality TV shows such as X Factor, Big Brother, BGT and I'm A Celeb.