Celebrity Big Brother 2014: Lionel Blair says it’s sad to be out, Casey Batchelor is playing a game & he loves Luisa Zissman!

by Nick Barnes
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Celebrity Big Brother 2014 Lionel Blair

This evening, Lionel Blair became the third housemate to be evicted from the Celebrity Big Brother house, much to the shock of many viewers.

The crowd seemed adamant that Lee Ryan would be evicted from the house this evening, but it turns out not enough people picked up the phone to save the king of entertainment. In his exit interview this evening with Emma Willis, Lionel said that he is very “sad” that he is out as he loves all the housemates.

Speaking about how it is to be out of the house, he said: “It’s a bit sad as I love them all in there. But, I’ve missed my family so much, I can’t tell you”.

When asked if the Big Brother experience is how he expected it to be, he said: “Oh yes! It’s exactly what I thought it’d be like. It’s very difficult. What I found the most difficult was going into the diary room and talking about people I called my friends and nominating to evict”.

Lionel added that if he was in the house for nominations tomorrow he would nominate Casey Batchelor as “there is only one person who is playing a game” and it is her.

One story seems to be dominating the Celebrity Big Brother news at the moment, and no, we don’t mean Frank Carson-gate, we’re referring to the love triangle between Lee, Casey and Jasmine Waltz.

When asked what is going on between Lee and Casey now that Jasmine has left, he said: “Well, this is the thing. Last night I had a long talk with Lee as he was unhappy after Jasmine had left. He blamed Casey and he says ‘I didn’t say this, I didn’t say that’. He said she said that if we keep it going, we’ll get lots of press. I asked if it was true, he said ‘I swear on my life’. I heard Casey say to Luisa tonight ‘Keep it going, you’re on camera now’.”

Now, one of the things we have noticed about Lionel is that he has a little bit of a temper on him, and one of the biggest arguments he has in the house was with Luisa over the chocolates in the most annoying room. Speaking about the situation he said: “I tell you, honestly, if I go… I go. With Luisa, I went but the next day we kissed and made up. I can’t hold a grudge”.

Celebrity Big Brother 2014 - Lionel Blair, Luisa Zissman argument

“The thing was, you saw what I did. I took some out, put them o the chair and gave them back. I was then asked to give the chocolates off the chair back”.

Speaking of Luisa as a character, he added: “I adore her, I absolutely adore her. She is her own person, she has her own job, she has a factory – she is, there is no lying with her. She says it how it is. That is what I love about her and we will remain great friends”.

He added that he will also remain good friends with Ollie Locke outside of the house. “He is so nice and so helpful and so kind”.

Another pair who are always tiffing in the house is Jim and Linda. Speaking of the pair, Lionel told Emma Willis: “It is difficult to be with. I still don’t know what it is over. Its about 10 years ago and to keep up a grudge for that long, it isn’t good. It’s awful. There was a time when Jim was stirring it, but over the last few days he has been lovely. He has been Mr. Nice Guy. He definitely has mood swings, when it got to tonight he was very nervous. He knows how to play the game. He is not playing a game but he is playing the game”.

Lionel finally added that he would like Sam to win as “she is beautiful and she is lovely”.

Celebrity Big Brother continues on Channel 5 at 9:45pm tomorrow evening.

Nick Barnes

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