Celebrity Big Brother 2013: Louie Spence slams Danielle Marr as she interrogates him about his career and Lauren Harries is cheesed off with Big Ron!

by Nick Barnes



On tonight’s show, Louie Spence slams Danielle Marr after she questions him about his career and what he does for money.

In an earlier conversation in the garden, Louie tells her that his father still bankrolls him and that he doesn’t do anything for money. His dad has given him a bank account that he just takes out of as and when he needs … but of course, it was all a lie. Louie says he didn’t want to give her the satisfaction of going through all the work he has done.

Louie tells Mario Falcone: “The thing is ‘what do you do for your money?’ Darling I spin on TV and do f**king high kicks and splits and bring a bit of f**king energy. That is what I do.”

Mario says: “I don’t like people that name drop, like Sunseeker and s**t”.

Louie replies: “She was going ‘Yeah because it’s good to earn a wage’. I f**king worked all my life you stupid b**ch. I am not going to f**king tell you because all you want to do is talk about your Botox and Dublin Wives and your Sunseeker. I really thought it was like a 7-seater, one of them family cars. I thought you would have to f**king fill it up if you are driving it all the way to Portugal.”


Elsewhere, Lauren Harries is a bit cheesed off with Big Ron Atkinson after he said he wanted to nominate her during last night’s nominations twist in which Ron and Vicky Entwistle had the opportunity to put one housemate up for eviction.

Lauren tells him: “I am a little bit disappointed… well, because I know you have said we would love you to win…”

Ron replies: “Hang on, let me stop you there”

Lauren snaps: “No, because I was talking. Tomorrow I would be wondering about Friday”.

Ron tells her it’s the same for everyone, and he was in a position to nominate someone and that’s what he did – when the challenge arises, you have to get on with it, just as she did during the Cult of Celebrity task.

Nick Barnes

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