Celebrity Big Brother 2013: Louie Spence, Sophie Anderton & Lauren Harries join the Cult of Celebrity, to decide who faces eviction

by Nick Barnes

Celebrity Big Brother - Summer 2013
The first twist of the series kicked off just minutes into the new series of Celebrity Big Brother this evening.

As the first three housemates to enter the house, Louie Spence, Lauren Harries and Sophie Anderton have been chosen to undertake the first secret mission of Celebrity Big Brother 2013, which will see them living in a secret hideout.

They were told that they had been chosen as the founding members of a brand new secret cult. The cult of celebrity. As members, they will have great power and influence over their fellow housemates – in fact, their fate lies in the hands of Louie, Sophie and Lauren.

Upon entering the Cult of Celebrity temple, the housemates were told that for the next 24 hours they must remain a secret. From inside the temple, it is their task to observe their fellow housemates via the all-seeing eye. Later, they will have to choose who they want to face the first eviction of the series.

The sacred book of celebrity contains information about the other housemates which they can read as the housemates enter the house.

Celebrity Big Brother - Summer 2013
The cult of celebrity members also get to see the housemates VT’s as they enter the Big Brother house which will hold vital information about the housemates.

It seems like an evil version of the Safehouse in which the housemates will have to watch their fellow celebrity housemates. Louie has a big gob so he will let loose as soon as he gets into the house and I reckon Lauren is a bit of a deep thinker and she will withhold any information and use it against the housemates if she has to… who knows!

What do you think of the twist? Do you think it’s too similar to the Safe House twist or do you think it would work well? Let us know in the comments, below:

Nick Barnes

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  1. Lorean Beansteak on August 22, 2013 at 9:52 pm

    You can’t tell who’s male or female…..KINELL I just saw Courtney’s VAGINA!!!!! Wa a slut. Desperate Dan is gone & buried and Desperate Doug Is the new fatality :).

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