Celebrity Big Brother 2013: Louie Spence tells Vicky Entwistle she’s made a “tw*t” out of herself and Lauren Harries & Courtney Stodden become best pals

by Nick Barnes

Vicky and Danielle.


On last night’s show, it was revealed that Vicky Entwistle was the third and final housemate to face the public vote this Wednesday evening, but it was also announced that the nominations had not been made by the public, they’d been made by the Cult of Celebrity!

Unfortunately, Vicky didn’t take too lightly to the news and got a tad drunk and started mimicking Louie’s dancing profession. On tonight’s show, Louie tells her that she made a “tw*t” out of herself last night.

In the bathroom, Louie asks: “Are you feeling like shit Vicky or not? You made a bit of a tw*t of yourself. I wasn’t sure if it was a task you had been given…”

Vicky replies: “What, to get leathered?”

Louie tells her: “To come in and just be that loud and do really bad stage whispers”

Vicky, Ron and Lauren.

Vicky retorts: “I am bad at stage whispers”.

Meanwhile, it seems we are seeing the birth of a very unlikely relationship in the house between Courtney Stodden and Lauren Harries… well, after she called Courtney’s dress slutty, that is…

Lauren tells Big Brother in the Diary Room that her and Courtney are “getting on very well, we’re like best friends. I’ve never had a friend”.

She says: “We’re really getting on very well, we’re like best friends, I’ve never had a friend. She was so shocked by the whole lying thing and Danielle was upset with Sophie, she didn’t think she would nominate her. We’re all getting on and everybody cares for one another, I didn’t expect it either, everyone is really happy.”

Celebrity Big Brother continues this evening at 10pm on Channel 5/HD.

Nick Barnes

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