Celebrity Big Brother 2013: Meet Geordie Shore’s resident psycho Charlotte Crosby

by Nick Barnes

Celebrity Big Brother - Summer 2013

Charlotte Crosby is known for her antics and quite psychopathic ways on hit MTV show Geordie Shore.

She has described herself as “fun, loveable, ditzy and laid back”. We hope someone pushes her over the edge and she ERPUTS in the house.

Her relationship with fellow cast mate Gaz has kept people on the edge of their seat as it has been off more time than we’ve had hot dinners… and we’ve had a lot of ‘em.

Back in April of this year, she was kicked out of the Geordie Shore house due to a fight with Gaz after he was caught red handed sneaking a party guest up to his room. The scenes were reportedly too dramatic to be shown on MTV… she managed to rip a bed apart with her bare hands and broke her foot in the process. So celebs, I have one word of advice for you – don’t p*ss off the psycho!
Celebrity Big Brother - Summer 2013
Upon joining the show, Charlotte said she only ever went out with £10 in her purse and resorted to stealing drinks off other people’s tables. She says she has woken up in some strange places including a police cell, a bar toilet and even the roof of her house.

Charlotte’s favourite party trick is to balance super noodles from each nipple. She even has her own special ‘tin diet’ which involves only eating foot straight from a tin such as cold beans. In the house, the diet could actually be quite useful.

She says she isn’t fussed about getting a proper job and is happy to work in her local bar. She thinks the job is easy and she only ever works a maximum of three hours with her biggest responsibility being chopping up lemons.

Describing herself, she says: “Girls call me a slut, ex-boyfriends call me a psycho and my Mum calls me an idiot”.

Nick Barnes

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