Celebrity Big Brother 2013: Paula Hamilton appeared in court yesterday charged with assaulting a police officer after alleged suicide bid!

by Lynn Rowlands

Paula Hamilton Celebrity Big Brother

During her rather brief stint in the Celebrity Big Brother house this year, former model and current whack job Paula Hamilton – who took her gay pet coconut into the house with her – was expected to create as much fuss and controversy as Jasmine Lennard did during her time on the show…

And while she arguably wasn’t as volatile or as unstable as Jasmine – albeit that she certainly didn’t appear to be playing with a full deck – like Jasmine, Paula’s also embroiled in controversy now she’s out of the house.

That controversy being that yesterday, she appeared in court to answer charges relating to the alleged assault of a police officer who was among other officers attending a call to Paula’s house after it was reported that she was threatening suicide and was “throwing knives” around.

The Daily Star reports, “The ex-model lashed out at police investigating reports she was threatening to kill herself and throwing knives at her home, it is alleged.

paula hamilton“Hamilton, 52, ran into her garden and grabbed a sunflower before allegedly punching Pc Dominic Matheson in the chest.”

During the court hearing in Aylesbury, Bucks – where it was claimed that at the time of the incident, Paula had drunk a bottle of wine after a row with a boyfriend – she denied assaulting PC Matheson, claiming that as she was clutching a sunflower at the time, she wouldn’t have risked harming the “sacred” bloom by punching someone.

She said, “I would never use a sacred sunflower to hurt anybody. It was a present.”

Meanwhile, the Mirror adds, “The Celebrity Big Brother star, 52, allegedly ran into her garden barefoot, tore off the plant’s head then hit Dominic Matheson in the chest.

“But she denies assault and instead claims that police stamped on her broken foot and broke her knuckles.”

During explanations about the night, in addition to saying that the sunflower is her “family crest” Paula told the court that she and her family had wanted to “fill the court with flowers” but “thought it might upset you”.

The trial was adjourned, and while one might reasonably expect the addendum of ‘awaiting psychiatric reports’ that wasn’t forthcoming. A verdict is expected to be reached next month when the trial resumes.

Here’s a look at Paula’s interview with Brian Dowling when she left the CBB house…

Lynn is an editor and writer here at Unreality TV and is a trained psychotherapist and the author of two books. She's addicted to soaps, period drama and reality TV shows such as X Factor, Big Brother, BGT and I'm A Celeb.