Celebrity Big Brother 2013: Rylan Clark wants Claire Richards to be his baby mummy but she has a bone to pick with Matt Johnson!


Rylan Clark almost stalked Claire Richards while they were both in the Celebrity Big Brother house and if she thinks she’s going to get away from him now they’re on the outside, she’d better think again.

It seems that the X Factor star has big plans for his future friendship with the Steps star and to start with, he’d quite like her to bear his child.

The gay singer has already admitted that he is desperate to become a dad and since Richards has been preggers twice already, Rylan thinks she would be the perfect baby mama.

“She’s such a great mum,” he told New! magazine.

“Hopefully the baby would get her voice, not mine!”

claire richards, rylan clark

Rylan doesn’t need this to happen just yet and he’s happy to give Claire bear some time to get used to the idea, as he wants to wait until he’s “in a good, long relationship with someone first”.

He’s on the lookout for a special someone right now, but doesn’t have many criteria for his perfect man. All the boy in question needs to be is “desperate, and that is it!”

“I haven’t really got a type,” he continued.

rylan clark

“It sounds a bit cheesy, but someone who makes me laugh and who I get on with. Not asking for much! David Beckham is my ultimate man. I have got to get into the Beckham clan. I don’t care if I have to claw myself in!”

Meanwhile, it seems Claire has been catching up with all the outside gossip, since getting out of the Celebrity Big brother house. She’s not too happy with This Morning star Matt Johnson either and tweeted him today saying:

matt johnson

“Got a bone to pick with you Mr!!!”

She added:

“@Mattjohnsons I heard you weren’t being particularly nice about me on BBOTS whilst I was locked up in that house?????!!!! x”

Ohhh Matt’s in trouble now! Leave your comments below…

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