Celebrity Big Brother 2013: Rylan Clark went to jail while Lacey Banghard & co enjoyed wine & a silent disco!

silent disco celebrity big brother 2013

Yesterday, after a morning of housemates having to endure his supreme excellence Frankie Dettori confiscating all their beauty products, issuing them with basic regime clothing and dishing out disgusting rations Big Brother had had enough.

Big Brother called Rylan to the diary room to be the Leader of the Revolution to bring Frankie’s regime to an end. But in order to ensure its success, housemates had to complete various secret missions. Here are the results of these secret missions:

Getting sent to Jail
Big Brother gave Rylan a secret key which would unlock a box in the jail, in this box were explosives. To get these explosives Rylan had to get himself sent to jail by offending Frankie during a task which involved them all pledging their allegiance to him, and complimenting him.

Rylan successfully offended Frankie and was sent to jail where he managed to retrieve the explosives and give them to Big Brother to plant on the golden statue for tomorrow’s revolution.

ryan moloney, frankie dettori, razor ruddock

Bugging the Golden Telephone and stealing the keys to the confiscated beauty products
Lacey and Claire were chosen by Frankie to attend a meal with him in the Golden Palace. Their secret mission was to swap the jewel on the Golden Telephone for one containing a phone tapping device and to swap the keys to the box of confiscated housemate products with a dummy set of keys.
Claire and Lacey successfully managed to bug the telephone and swap the keys without being caught.


Aid Package
Whilst Frankie and his two bodyguards Razor and Ryan enjoyed a game of darts and some wine in the Golden Palace this evening, Big Brother secretly sent housemates an aid package filled with alcohol, an Indian takeaway and some pizzas.

rylan clark

Silent Disco
In the evening Frankie ‘treated’ the housemates to a silent disco featuring a ‘song which would remind them of him’ – Macho Man by The Village People. They had to listen to this on loop and dance to it enthusiastically. Little did Frankie or the guards know was that the telephone was bugged and mid way through the dancing the audio of Frankie having a private phone call with Big Brother about other Housemates was fed into the silent disco headphones.

So the explosives have been set on the Golden Statue of Frankie and the housemates hold the keys to unlocking the box of their confiscated items.

The revolution continues…

Lisa McGarry

Lisa has been watching reality TV for too long now. She won't do any housework unless 'Big Brother' announces it over the tannoy and everything she does has to be put to a public vote!