Celebrity Big Brother 2013: Speidi say Rylan Clark had a game plan!

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Despite being pally and nice to Rylan Clark on Twitter this week, Spencer Pratt and Heidi Montag have not been overly complimentary about the X Factor star in their latest interview.

The US couple came second on Celebrity Big Brother last Friday night, losing out the top spot to good old Rylan, so there may well be a bit of jealousy there, prompting their recent comments.

Clark has went from a much loathed singer to a much loved performed in the space of three weeks and Speidi claim this is what he planned for all along. They think he played the British public and implemented a clever game plan and Montag told OK magazine:

“He was in it to win it! He wanted to do the civilian Big Brother years ago – so he has been planning how to play this game for ten years.”

Spencer says Rylan was acting so hard, so often, that he often convinced even himself. He thinks the Essex lad was less than genuine and continued:

“Rylan was so deep in the game he had fogotten he was playing a game. He played to the cameras so much he almost literally jumped into the camera.”

spencer pratt, heidi montag

We definitely think the couple have some green eyed issues going on here but if it makes Rylan feel any better, they didn’t seem to like their other housemates any more than they did him.

The branded the rest of the group boring and Pratt (prat by name, prat by nature!) said:

“If weren’t in the house, the show would have been a perfect cure for insomnia”..

We can’t imagine Rylan will care too much about Speidi’s latest bitch fest, after all he’s busy wowing crowds up and down the country as part of the X Factor tour.

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While he may not be missing the married couple though, it seems he does still have a massive soft spot for his new dad Razor and he tweeted him today saying:

“@RealRazor love you dad x”

Neil replied:

“Good Night young man missin you already !!!”

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