Celebrity Big Brother 2013: Spencer & Heidi Pratt think they should be knighted by the Queen!

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Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt revealed yesterday that they are planning to stay in the UK for a while and it seems as though the pair have an ulterior motive.

The US stars shot to fame in Britain recently when they came second on Celebrity Big Brother and since they left the house last Friday it feels like they have been everywhere!

They say they’ve grown a huge fanbase in the UK and it’s been claimed that they are working on their own reality TV show but now, they think the Queen should sit up and take notice of them too.

In an interview with Digital Spy Spencer said:

“I’m more interested in being knighted and becoming part of the royal family.”

Pratt thinks that the royal family should welcome him with open arms, especially since jockey Frankie Dettori has met them three times already.

He added:

heidi montag, spencer pratt

“After Frankietold me he’s met the Queen three times, I think Speidi should meet the Queen. I’m going to stay in England until we’re in that palace.”

We wouldn’t hold your breath Pratt….or maybe you should!

Speidi caused more than their fair share of trouble in the CBB house, with most of the other housemates taking offence at them at one point or another. They tried to ruin Claire Richards’ gift of a letter from home and fought with Razor but they say it was all part of their game plan and they always meant to ‘play the baddies’ in the house.

He continued:

“It was more fun to play the baddies… my plan was to make all the housemates lose their minds and, obviously, it worked amazingly.”

spencer pratt, heidi montag

“I thought we’d win.”

Had Spencer known that he would be in with a better chance of winning, had he played the nice guy instead, then he would have given that a go. It seems he’s quite the actor.

“I didn’t know England loves the goodies so much, otherwise I would have approached it as the biggest butt kisser in the world,” he laughed.

spencer pratt, heidi montag

Pratt is currently trying to grow his British fan base even more and tonight, he is approaching one million followers on Twitter. He’s desperate to break the barrier and tweeted tonight saying:

“So close to 1mil followers! Let’s make it happen guys! #Million4Spencer”

He played up the whole panto villain image adding:

“I’m so hated, I make Charles Manson seem like a people person.”

Leave all your Speidi related rantings below….

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