Celebrity Big Brother 2013: Tricia Penrose furious that Paula Hamilton branded her ‘mutton dressed as lamb’

tricia penrose

Tricia Penrose is not a happy bunny this morning!

The Celebrity Big Brother housemate may have went from an bookies outsider, to second favourite to win the Channel 5 series this week but she’s not aware of what’s happening on the outside and is currently just livid about an insult directed at her from former housemate Paula Hamilton.

The model returned to the CBB house last night for a new task titled ‘Fashion Police’ in which she had to choose who she thought were the best and worse dressed celebs.

Before they were judged, Big Brother asked Ryan Moloney, Razor, Tricia, Claire Richards, Rylan Clark, Speidi and Frankie Dettori to dress up in their best outfits. As she watched them getting ready and preparing themselves for the challenge, Paula declared that X Factor star Rylan was the best dressed and would be promoted to be the deputy of her Fashion Police team.

Hamilton and Clark watched on as the other’s modelled their best gear and paraded up and down in front o them and the pair passed comment and critiques on the clobber on show.

Razor Tricia

They chose who they thought was worst dressed from the group and informed Ryan and Tricia that they had been picked and would have to go to the diary room to atone for their crimes against fashion.

Paula said:

“I think Trica looks like mutton dressed up as lamb and I think she should make friends with her age. Accept her age and dress like her age, I think she looks quite tray. I am sick of that hairband too, she has worn that every day.”

tricia penrose

Trica looked devastated as the results of the task were revealed and she wasn’t any happier when she spoke to Big Brother in the diary room. She won’t be any happier when she discovers that she is about to get a makeover at Paula’s hands and later today Penrose and Moloney will get three new outfits from their fellow housemate.

She will supply them with a fancy eviction outfit, a party outfit and some ‘chilling around the house’ clothes.

Watch a clip from the task and leave your comments below…

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