Celebrity Big Brother 2013: Vicky Entwistle finishes in sixth place; “It feels weird to see so many people”

by Nick Barnes


After 23 days in the house, Vicky Entwiste has finished this year’s Celebrity Big Brother in sixth place and is subsequently the first to be given the boot this evening.

Vicky has had her fair share of ups and downs in the house after entering the house with Bruce Jones. She’s had her disagreements with just about everyone but has come through.

Vicky left the house to quite  few cheers from the crowd – but then again, that may have had something to do with leaving the house with Mario Falcone who left in fifth place.

In her exit interview with Emma this evening, Vicky said: “It feels weird to see so many people! It’s a lovely weird. We all got to the last day and we were ready now.”

She said of her time in the house: “It’s very difficult to be told when the bathroom is locked and when the garden is locked. You have a dictator almost, which is hard”.

“Everyone had their moments where they wanted to get away and have their own time and you can’t as there’s nowhere to go. Abz was great, he always went in the tree house. It gets a bit intense in there sometimes,” Vicky explained about how intense it can get in the house.

On her relationship with Carol, she explained: “I think maybe, as Charlotte said, I was the mum and Carol was the nana. Sometimes I found her quite overpowering. She makes me laugh, she is a very funny woman. Sometimes I feel she is a bit selfish”.

Finally, Vicky said she’d like Lauren to win.


Nick Barnes

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